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Grip pressure issues due to injury

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Got a question concerning a nagging issue with my ball striking since I've taken the game back up the past 3 years.
I'm a 55 year old, RH that uses the Varden interlock grip.
Due to an old injury, my grip on my right hand isn't what it should be.  If I close my hand to make a fist, my index and middle finger won't close all the way. There's about a 1/4 inch distance between the palm and the fingers.  Little finger and ring finger close properly.

Question I have is:  I'm having problems with balls not going in my aiming direction and there's no consistency.  Some might start off left, others right.  Not way off line but enough to be an aggravation.  I'm wondering if the lighter grip pressure from those bottom 2 fingers would cause this?

Would adding some buildup tape under the grip to build up under those 2 fingers be the answer?  I currently use tacki mac tour wraps, midsized.  I'm getting my game into shape this year and am looking towards busting 80.  This would really help towards that goal.


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