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Mizuno vs Miura Wedges

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I've been playing Mizuno wedges for a long time now after switching from Clevelands.

But recently to complete my Miura bag, I was going for the C-grind and Y-grind.

I play a 60*5 Mizuno wedge around the green and from 90 yards in and I love it.

I was expecting a lot when I was testing the Y-grind, and for me, it feels as if the Miura wedge, (like my K-grind)

is heavier, doesn't feel as good as the mizuno and it doesn't have as much stopping power.

As much as I want to have a full set of Miuras , I just feel that the Mizunos work better for very touchy shots and off tight lie full shots.

Whereas the Miuras are better for sand shots, deep roughs, due to the weight, like my K-Grind. So more they are more of a specialty club.

Can anyone with more experience with all these clubs share your thoughts?


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I really enjoy my Y grind Miura 49.

But on the higher lofts, I'll go with you on the Mizuno spin. I owned an MP T11 60-08 and it had strong brakes in comparison to Miura. At the same time, I want more bounce than 8, and returned the Mizuno. But the 54-58 all had greater bounce options.

At the same time, I had and have a Miura K-Grind 56 - great out of bunkers. The 59-15 C Grind is also a fine wedge... But I think Vokey has better grinds ... and I don't know what Mizuno is doing with their recent wedges - the MP R has weird sole grinds and the new ones look generic. I'm not certain what to think ... other than when the Miuras wear out this summer, I'm going to get fit for Edels.


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I'll weigh my 56 and 60 Mizunos...

Well I found out that my Mizuno 56 is 455g and my Miura K grind is 485g, that's a huge difference, specially since the C and Y grinds are both the same as in 485g.

I'm going to try counter weighing the K-grind and see how it swings before I order a custom C - Y - Grind.

I truly like the feel of the Miura wedges... but again... it all comes down to stopping power for me.


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