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Lucas Lee

My Swing (Lucas Lee)

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Lucas Lee    0

I've been Playing Golf for: 4 months

My current handicap index or average score is: I score bogie golf so i usually score around 85-95. Not very consistent. Im new!

My typical ball flight is: Drivers: When i hit it well, it goes perfect and goes right up into the sky but when i dont hit it right, it does a huge slice and has hardly any ball flight. (one of my two major problems)

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I keep hitting my irons fat or not right. (Second major problem) They dont go too far and i keep missing it. When i hit it nice, it goes flying to the left. If not, it goes straight onto demn par 3 greens :D

I tried to prevent this problem by trying to make a divot infront of the ball, compressing the ball, inside to inside swing, not leaning back, putting weight on my left heel but something is still not right.

Im a junior, new to golf.


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MS256    145

You are standing straight up during your back swing. From there you are swinging the club out and around instead of letting it drop into the slot.

A whole lot of practicing this drill would probably help. Don't worry too much about a really long back swing at first.

P.S. The video doesn't seem to imbed right now so I'll just post the link. Maybe a moderator can imbed it if it doesn't work?


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MS256    145
Originally Posted by Lucas Lee

thanks, ill keep practising that. You want me to have more of a inside backswing right?

Not too much inside. Just let the turn take your left arm to about the toe line while you are lifting the club with your right hand on top. Notice how from that point on the shaft is in line with Michael's right forearm, almost like there is a hinge connecting the club to the forearm. That's very important once the downswing starts. It keeps that hinged relationship with the right forearm all the way to impact, straightening as it nears the bottom but still in line.

Just slowly do exactly what Michael is doing at the start of the video with a mirror behind you so you can see from a down the line view, and don't try to go very high at first or very fast.

Especially don't go so high that is makes your spine angle and head raise up. Then start the downswing with your lower body and as your shoulders start to turn if you are in a good position at the top the club will drop into the slot, butt end first, instead of the head of the club swinging out and around.

That first few inches of the downswing makes all of the difference between good shots and bad shots. It's possible to make a good swing out of a bad position at the top but it takes a lot of correction in the transition. Much more simple the way Michael does it. There's really nothing to have to correct to make a pretty good swing.

Look up mvmac on this "My Swings" page. I'm sure his descriptions of what he's doing are better than mine.

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thanw    3

oh to be that flexible again. to me your back swing is too much past horizontal but then I am 50 years old. Also it looks like you stand a bit too close to the ball. Stay within yourself and concentrate on hitting it straight and you will be fine.

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Lucas Lee    0

yeah man, i know my backswing is so overswing. This was just a joke well something i tried to do (Bubba watson tryhard). I usually dont swing it so back haha.

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    • I started my son playing golf when he was 4 yrs old. Now he's 14 and 5'10. He's play'd in a youth program, local youth tournaments, and summer camps up till 2 years ago. He had been playing club travel basketball for the past 2 years. He wanted to start playing again, but he'd grown out of his junior clubs. So I bought him a used set of Callaway X-18 iron and some Callaway woods. We started going to the range a couple of weeks ago. He's had one lesson with his long time youth golf coach. He's hitting a nice draw, but just raw potential. We played a twilight round yesterday, and he surprised me. He realized all the sudden how much power he has with a driver in his hands. He started slicing his drives but keeping them in play. He even out drove me on a few holes. He was hitting greens, but his putting was all over the place. We came to a 170 yd par 3 that's over a deep ravine. He walks up to the tee, drops his ball and hits and 8 iron. He hit it pin high 10' right of the pin. I hit 7 iron short of the green, and bogied the hole. He par it:)  It's so much funner for both of us playing golf together vs. watching him play basketball and me yelling at him. 
    • No one has ever said golf was fair. Golf is the most frustrating sport I have ever played. But isn't that what makes us come back? 
    •   I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years seriously
      My current handicap index or average score is: 37
      My typical ball flight is: right to left or a heavy hook
      The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Anything with a hybrid I am trying to copy Moe Norman's swing within reason.  I have a lot of physical limitations in the area of coordination, balance and flexibility.  My hands shake in a fairly small way, but still 24-7.  The reason I have chosen the Moe swing is because based on everything I have read, watched and studied the swing appears to have less moving parts and is based around what would appear to be good biomechanics.  I have with an Instructor from the Graves Golf Academy who I have worked with and have several of their DVD's and training aids.  I now just need to put the pieces together.     I also use a Biomech Acculock Putter  in order to control my hand shakes on the green.  I am hoping to use both these tools to make my game both more repeatable and more consistent.   My stats are available here: https://www.gamegolf.com/player/wpgstriker I will try and post a video tomorrow and other videos as I go through the learning process for this swing.  I understand that many people don't care for Moe's swing and that's fine, but that is the one I am going for. For at least the next 12 months I am committing to it.  If you want to join me on this journey please be welcome.  If you have questions about the swing or Moe please throw them at me.  I would love to discuss.     Videos:   
    • The fickle winds of fate. F**k you leaf.  
    • I'm 6'7. Walking into a golf shop, looking at all those nice new irons and knowing that you'll never be able to play most of them really sucks. You can only look at the best forged irons. So Mitzuno blades (which I have), or a muscle back modified blade. That's it! 6 degrees upright puts tall guys in no mans land. Super upright swing too. Hitting a draw is pretty hard. High fade is my shot. I've got over 35 years of dealing with it. I would say long heavy arms don't help anything. Let's not even get into size 15 shoe designs on the clearance rack:)  I can hit long balls, but it's always been awkward to hit my short irons a solid distance. I tend to play a 3/4 swing for accuracy. Hit my head on the roof of the golf carts all the time.
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