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Coming past parallel in my backswing...

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So I've been fighting some major inconsistencies with my tee shots over the last couple of weeks... Lets call it 50% straight, 25% pulled left and 25% sliced right. I setup in front of a mirror today at the range and would take my normal backswing and hold it. I was definitely going past parallel at the top. I set up my iPhone and took a couple of videos of full swings and it was even worse during my full swing. I was consciously thinking about it during my round after a little time on the range. I asked my buddy to point it out after any shot and even though I was consciously trying to avoid it, I kept taking to much. It seemed to have no affect on my iron play - I was hitting them very well, consistently in the center of the club face with a divot and compression on the ball. But again, my tee shots were a mess of pulls and slices for too many holes. Any comments on why the tee shot would be that much more affected and any tips on keeping my backswing in check?

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It is hard to diagnose this without seeing the swing and analyzing it from multiple viewpoints. Most commonly, it is becuase you may be swinging down at the ball during impact. Driver swings are suppose to be on the upslope when contacting the ball. The inconsistently off the tee might be due to too much ball-spin being generation of the club head, which is due to a downward plan of attack on the ball. Other things to take into consideration are the loft of the wood, flex of the shaft, and the ball position in the stance (too far behind you, not far enough away from your body, etc), and the type of ball your using (really all equipment could be a variable). The only way to truly tell is in a swing lab where they give you all of these stats (spin rate, swing speed, inside out or outside in swing pattern, open face, etc). A place by me is only 20 an hour, and you know whats going wrong within the first five minutes. That's all I got, hope it helps.


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