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My Swing (helpmehelpyou)

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[VIDEO]http://youtu.be/BhuNMR8wi6Y[/VIDEO] [VIDEO]http://youtu.be/Xs1vIUvxZqc[/VIDEO] [VIDEO]http://youtu.be/-Zqk26ZkyUM[/VIDEO] Ok guys! I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback on these two swings. The one were I have a gray shirt is alot older and now I'm getting back into the game. If you see something wrong in my swing were I have basketball shorts, please let me know. I would love to have the swing back with the gray shirt, both feet stayed on ground. Today at the range I was hitting 7 iron 185 on some shots but I noticed when I did, it came from something to do to with my lower body I could feel it through the knees or something. ALSO,let me know if i am loosing angle (wrist delay) heading jnto impact, it looks like it (dont know how to fix it) Anyways let me know thanks!

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Did i see it right you shanked some shots?

What i think you should try is, feel that your weight is on the front side off your foot.

Looks like the weight is at the back side at the moment.

Think this might work.

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    • Okay, I'll give it a shot.  What the heck.  If you're a right-handed golfer, starting in your stance have your elbows close together, with the insides of the elbows facing up.  At the top of the back swing, your left wrist should be flat, and your right wrist should be cocked back.   That will help you tuck in your right elbow.  Then when you start down, keep your right elbow tucked in.  Don't flip the club with your right hand.  Keep your right wrist cocked back.  Try to have your elbows close together when you hit the ball.   
    • Played my first round yesterday; shot 153, at least 10 balls lost in the water and in the woods
    • Advanced statistics and analysis in baseball is a lot more prevalent than just the Oakland A's and  the movie, but yea, the book is how the public became aware of it for the most part. Every front office in every major sport uses analysis whether they're public about it or not, most with their own proprietary systems. Judging by your comments, I'm guessing you never studied statistical analysis or forecasting. No, you can't predict the future, but you can make decisions based on trends that are most likely indicative of future performance. It's a lot more effective than simply guessing or "going with your gut." For example, if a guy misses almost every cut in a tournament with bad weather and his next one has rain in the forecast, it's a pretty safe bet he's going to miss the cut. That doesn't mean he definitely will, but his past performance indicates that is the most likely outcome. I watched a program that talked about those daily fantasy gambling sites once and the top winners all use very complicated analysis tools to predict performance of athletes. They got into some really minute details like how an athlete performs under certain weather conditions, start times, etc. They're not just picking guys blind. Zero. Billy Beane himself said the playoffs are based on luck. Baseball has a playoff format that is different than regular season play so you can build a team that can win 100 games but isn't necessarily the strongest for a best-of-five or seven series. Even if it is, you can have a couple of guys hit a slump during the playoffs and lose anyway. The announcers made a big deal in the broadcast about how great Corey Kluber was in the month of September but then he faltered in the playoff series in October against the Yankees. They just assumed he was going to continue to be lights out, but he regressed to the mean. He's still one of the best pitchers in baseball, but if you combine his performances in September and October together, you're going to get a better picture of how he is as a pitcher than if you only evaluate his performance in the arbitrary month of September (or October, for that matter). How did they do before "analytics" was introduced? A poorly managed team is poorly managed, with or without additional stats to help make decisions.
    • That doesn't seem like it's necessarily a good thing- to unexpectedly fly over your target and land on the back of the green.  It doesn't seem like something you'd want to happen.  That seems like a shot you'd want to avoid. 
    • Thanks, Buckeyebowman. Just returning it is a tricky move for me. Getting a flatter backswing sounds good. What are some good ways to achieve this? Swing more around? Anything else? Thx for the help. SG. Hi Bill,   Thx for the comments. Yes, working on my pivot helped. Either moving my shoulder/hips at the same time on the bs or just turn my chest. My ball striking has improved. However, I guess were always looking to improve more.  Agreed, comparing Nicklaus to the average hack wouldn't be a useful comparison. But, it's a common reply when someone brings this topic up. Next is Freddy and Eamonn Darcy, who has taken this to an extreme.   Cheers   SG   StefanUrkel,   On the right hand, would stronger or weaker help? Yes, I am completing my turn. Probably, more like overswinging as the flying elbow allows you to keep going.    SG
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