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Newer technology, loss in distance

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Ok, so one of our local golf chains was running a special on Callaway X Hot drivers. I tried one during a golf outing where Callaway sponsored one of the holes. Tee off with one of their drivers. So I tried the X Hot with the same specs as my current driver. No time to mess around with any kind of fitting process. I liked the feel. I hit one with a bad swing and lost it right, then I popped one. Felt real nice. So I went along with a friend who had purchased one and he was picking it up. I took my current driver, a Diablo Octane Tour 9.5 with PX6.0 shaft.

So I hit about 10 balls with the X Hot. The dispersion was horrible and averaged about 265yds and the spin rates were high. Most misses were dead right, Im having issues turning out of the shot at the moment and releasing so Im not too shocked about the ball going right, I'll sort that. I am a right to left player, but my misses are a dead right block right now. That aside, the club felt ok, but I was not worried about the distance at that point, all scopes are different.

So then I tee'd up my current driver. Boom...282. High launch low spin, right to left. I did put a good swing on it, but over the next dozen or so shots, my average was 275 (250m, about right in the real world) and the misses right would have just missed the fairway and all in the same spot, so great dispersion results. And the feel, well I just love the thud this driver gives you when you hit that spot high in the face with a closing face.

So, the first driver was the Pro at 10.5 which could have explained the spin rates, so I used my friends driver, the X Hot Pro 9.5. The results were similar. Spin down slightly, but no gain over all in distance and dispersion. Strange thing, the flight scope was recommending my driver, the Octane Tour, and it had no way of knowing what I was using. So, exit the X Hot.

Enter the Ping i20 I think it was. 3 shots. NAHHH!! Next...

Next I tried the RBZ II. The dispersion was ok. Better than the Callaway, but still shorter than my current. I did get one out to 280, but again, most were in the relm of 270. I had high hopes of the TM actually, but I really wanted to try the TP version, but they didnt have one.

So, how is it that all this R&D; that has gone into new clubs not be any better (for me at least) than a club that is 2 years old?? Im kinda frustrated. I really want to do the full fitting at Callaway with the available after market shafts, but not at the cost and risk of no improvement. I even feel the 6.0 in my driver feels a little soft for me and I cant feel where the club head is at times, so I have thought about an after market shaft in my current driver, but how on earth do I even pick one? I'll persevere for now but if someone can tell me how I went backwards, I'd love to know.


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Motley01    26

Go try out the Titleist 913D3. Amazing driver. I wanna bet its longer that all those other drivers.

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