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Ping Eye2 standard shaft length help

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I am getting around to cleaning/refurbishing my inherited Eye2's and need some help.  I know at some point in time they have been cut on.  According to Ping, the set was a +1/4" but I don't think that is true anymore.  I have removed some of the grips and found the end of the shafts are no where near cut square.  I compared them to another family member's standard black dot and they seem to be almost identical in length.  I think someone cut off the extra 1/4" on all the clubs but the 7 iron.  It is definitely longer than the other black dot 7 iron.

Here is my question.  I found the original black dot lengths for all irons and want to check/cut mine back to those specs (or at least get a square cut end).  The 7 iron is listed as 36.75" but I don't know exactly what length that is.  Trying to measure to the "sole" seems a little difficult without a device of some sort.  Does anyone know what the correct length would be from the end of the shaft to the point where it is inserted into the club head?  Seems that would be the easiest but not sure that is possible due to different lies.  Can anyone help?


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Here's how I think PING does it


There are two plates on top of the cutting table that are capable of sliding.  Each plates have variety of holes and a movable peg that lets you adjust to different settings.  On the top plate there's an immovable peg that you rest the club head against  to cut the shaft.

The top plate adjust different clubs from 2 iron to lob wedge.

The bottom plate lets you adjust for overall +/- length with respect to standard.

This cutting method was designed by Karsten Solheim himself.

This link may be more helpful



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    • Exactly. Unfortunately, we had a ringside seat to just such a thing yesterday.  The group ahead of us had finally made it to the green on 3.  One was in a green side bunker, while the others were on the green itself.  I asked my buddy, blade or chunk, as we watched from 60 yards out.  He said he'd leave it in the bunker.  I won.  Hard blade 30 yards over the green.  The remainder of the group WAITED while he raked the bunker and then walked completely across the green and proceeded to chip all the way back, almost dumping it in the same bunker again.  Again, Larry, Moe, and Curly wait for Bunker Boy to meander back and play his shot before playing theirs.  After all, he was away...   3 more swings and he was finally in the hole.  Total elapsed time that group took from when they reached the green, nearly 15 minutes!   We caught them on the next tee box in time to watch two of them knock it into the junk short of the fairway.  When it became obvious that they had no intention of acknowledging us, we politely asked if we could play through while they searched for their balls, and thankfully they agreed.   3 hours later, as we were teeing off on 18, we saw them driving up to the tee box on 12.  Not good golfers, true, but more than anything, they simply didn't move with any sense of purpose, or efficiency.  If we'd have had to play behind them much longer, I would have cut my own throat with my wedge!  
    • I love watching those shows on the golf channel.  Especially Michael Breed.   But, ultimately, it's not really personalized instruction, so you don't really get too much instruction from it.   Maybe a swing thought idea here and there, and some short game drills to work on.  As a matter of fact, I think a long while ago, I learned how to hit out of the sand from the golf channel.  That is still, to this day, the one skill I gain strokes on all of my friends at.   (unfortunately, I imagine bunker shots are like a SV (-8), given that I have like 1 per round.  tops.) But, it's still quite enjoyable nonetheless.   It's always fun to listen to people talk about the golf swing.  If your'e in to that kinda thing.  
    • Thing is that I don't consider myself a poor putter. I played a tournament on one of the nicest courses in our country yesterday. Probably the fastest greens and they kept getting faster as the sun was shining yesterday (I was told that by a friend in my flight that finished with a 76).  I had 38 putts on 17 holes. I had 5 3 putts. 2 of those 3 putts came on the first 2 holes. And I was rarely inside 10 feet for the first putt. In a round of 101 over 17 holes (had ESC on one par 5 where I picked the ball up) 38 putts were pretty decent. 
    • I carry 4 wedges right now...

      PW - 122 Yards (Max)  115 Yards (90%)
      AW - 107 Yards (Max)  100 Yards (90%)
      54° - 95 Yards (Max)  85 Yards (90%)
      58° - 80 Yards (Max)  75 Yards (90%)

      Inside of 100 yards... it really depends a lot on my lie and where the flag is located.  I like to play a lower flight with my 54° when a pin is back... but I prefer a higher shot with my 58° when a pin is up front.  

      I'm inconsistent (at best) when I get inside 70 yards.  I've tried the 'clock' system with my arms, but I find that if I pay too much attention to my arms, I forget to move my lower body and that leads to some really, really bad results. 

    • My 60 is good up to about 75-80 yards mostly 56 is good up to around 100 50 is good up to about 125 ish PW is good up to about 135-140  Of course the are all to be taken with a grain of salt because my swing is pretty junk so these are expected distances on good strikes which do not happen as often as I like. Most of the time I prefer to fall a bit short of my target as opposed to long as the courses around here tend have harder ground and/or more trouble long of the green.
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