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Get a Brain Morans.... Course architects that you hate.

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First let's start off with the "get a brain Morans" sign. The guy in the do-rag was not spelling moron wrong - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=moran&defid;=2390303 . What better way to salute a guy with the last name of Moran than with such an appropriate sign?

The guy I love to hate is course architect Kelly Blake Moran. In my opinion he has ruined 3 great tracks for golf all within a 45 minute drive of my location. Lederach, Morgan Hill and now the biggest monstrosity Heritage Creek in Jamison, PA. Some people really seem to love this guys designs but I keep waiting to see the ramp up to the clowns mouth on the last hole to putt for a free round of golf. His courses are definitely something to behold. If he could just reign in the overdone, gimmicky part of the courses they could be some of the best public tracks in the area.

With his latest creation he apparently built a green over the carcass of a humpback whale which is the only reason I could see to have such a huge swell on one side of a green. Since nobody is really playing the new course right now (only 9 of 18 holes open despite beginning in the early 2000's) we had time to play around a little. We set down a ball at the top of the whale hump and let it roll on its own towards the pin placement and the ball rolled 15 feet past the hole. Putt that back towards the hole and it would roll back to where you started putting if you missed the hole.

The course also features a green with 3 ski moguls where they placed the pin between moguls that were about 6 feet apart. The same hole also slopes hard right to left from about 50 yards in to the green and had a dead area just short left of the green. If you ended up short of the green you could expect to go into the dead area (that is nowhere near out of bounds) and take a penalty.

The final hole (9th and 18th) is a lovely 297 yards from the farthest tees and apparently a 7 iron is too much club off the tee box. Medium length players should probably hit 8 iron then Pitching Wedge which is just stupid IMO.

To all this I just have to say....


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    • There still seems to be a bit of a disconnect between his explanation of the situation and the shot that he actually played......just doesn't add up that he hit pretty much a perfectly paced shot with the "belief" that that ball was  sitting way down and maybe even slightly plugged.....just doesn't look to me that he was trying to gouge out a shot that is sitting way down........as Erik said on the first page, there is a huge difference between a ball sitting all the way down and one that is sitting up even a 1/4" 
    • So? I'll take what may be the minority view here… but so what? You said the kid was young, so I'm picturing, I don't know, a 7-year-old kid. At this point, the father's main "goals" should really just be "let the kid whack a few balls, see if he has some fun." What you see as "a few fundamentals" might overwhelm the kid. After all, look at the list you just posted and what sorts of corrections you'd have to make to fix all of those things… When I introduced @NatalieB to golf (granted, she was barely three), I cared about roughly three things: That she stood on the left side of the golf ball (righty clubs) That she put her left hand above her right hand That she had fun whacking golf balls "somewhere in the right general direction" That's it. Every "fundamental" that came after that was a result of her expressing a desire to get better. The last thing I'd have thought to do was to give her a list of a bunch of "fundamentals." That sounds like the opposite of fun. The most important thing a parent can do to help their kids develop a passion for golf is to make sure they have fun around golf (on the golf course, at the range, etc.), particularly early on.
    • Thanks for all the advice. Its definitely more a case of wondering if my distance is likely to increase rather than worrying about it.  At the moment I just want to keep working on a reliable and repeatable swing that gives me a straight shot.  Once I've got that I can think about other things. The point about not fully trusting the swing yet is not something I had thought about before, but I think there may be something in that - repetition and practice is the answer to that I guess. Those distances are already in yards I'm afraid :)
    • Kiawah Island is even worse, I'm sure… it's about a 30-minute drive under regular circumstances onto the island and out to the course, let alone during the PGA Championship.
    • I would like to add that you made sure to convert the meters into yards (add an extra 10% or so to the numbers), right?  Otherwise, those are respectable numbers for someone only started their golf journey. FWIW, as a 58 year old who started playing golf in their mid-40s, I don't have a lot of distance (driver 210-240y, 7i 130-140y and PW 95-105y), but I do enjoy the game very much, did take lessons and improved my swing considerably after I did.
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