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Odd knuckle pain

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For some reason gripping and swinging clubs has been leaving me with bad pain in the first knuckles (the ones closest to my palm, not my fingertips) of my middle and ring fingers of my right hand. The pain radiates a bit when I make a fist, and the knuckles like to pop. It lessens after a few days away from playing, but then flares again when I do.

Has anyone else had this? Grip problem? ....knuckle stretches? :blink:


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I'd have to see your hand and get a full history to give an accurate diagnosis. It could even be a minor fracture; most people have hand and foot fractures that are minor and they never see it(played with xrays). You might be pressing your hands together and a proper grip does have the fingers staggered, pushing your ring and middle fingers towards your index. Try grip exercises and rubber bands to open your fingers to balance. I'd also say try to really loosen your grip a bit. My 2c

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    • Hmm, where have I heard that a DUI arrest is a medical issue before? Oh yeah, when his agent was arrested for DUI: http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/tiger-woods-agent-mark-steinberg-arrested-drunken-driving-charges Color me skeptical. Not that it really matters. A DUI for an "unexpected reaction" to medication, which probably has a warning on it not to drive when taking it, is just as serious as a DUI for alcohol. If he's going through personal issues, I hope he sorts through them. But he shouldn't get a free pass because alcohol was not involved.
    • I figured it was meds, and while it still bothers me, i'm not as dissapointed as I was when I thought it was alcohol, just because I know how meds can affect you without even realizing it. I went through third degree burns to my left leg, and I did the same thing as him (though I wasn't caught or charged) for a few days thinking I was fine, before once becoming suddenly very tired at the wheel, I mean nodding off like a heroin addict. I had to pull into a parking lot and call some friends to come pick up me and my truck. I didn't drive again until I was off the meds. But it was a reaction I wasn't expecting. I had been tired throughout the ordeal after my surgeries, but I thought it was just my body telling me I needed rest. I had no experience with pain meds, or the anti-anxiety (Clonazepam or some such drug) meds they gave me after my workplace accident, and didn't know how they were affecting me.    I'm not defending Tiger, just like i'm not defending what I did. Had I been caught, I would have rightly been charged, just like Tiger.    And if you think driving at 3am post-surgery when you've slept most of the day and can't sleep at night is something out of the ordinary, I don't know what to tell you. I still go for a drive in the middle of the night when I can't sleep sometimes.  And in Tigers case, he is apparently also a known insomniac. 
    • Uhhhh…? You can have a different reaction weeks into a set drug regimen. Plenty of other factors can change. Dosage. Lack of sleep. Diet. The specific times you take things. I don't much care either way (he should not drive impaired - that puts others in danger) as it's off-course stuff, but I still like facts and dislike speculation.
    • From Sat: 1 - 3 putt 9 - 2 putts 8 - 1 putts I call that a pretty good day with the chicken stick!
    • Haven't been to a driving range yet this year and went out to play my first round of the year on Sat.  No warm up just right to the first tee and bam, nice lil fade to about 100 yards.  Drop it to 4' and I am putting for a birdie!  WOW!  What a way to start. Second hole I pared, third hole I pared as well!  What is going on I thought?  Bogey most of the other holes with a real bad triple but end the front with another par.  42 on the front is looking good! Play about the same on the back with a lot of bogeys and 3 more pars and end with a 43. 85 my first time out this year was sweet!  Only missed 1 fairway and was 14 & 15 for putting.
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