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The Key to a great game

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I have been going back through this and I am very disappointed. As a high school student I want to apologize for him and assure you that most high school students are actually not that bad. There will always be some bad eggs but I hope that you don't hold it against all teens. Thanks for reading my little rant. :)

No worries, I occasionally play alongside a high school golfer from time to time and the vast majority would never act the way Kelzzy did in person and even on this forum. During his short time here I read quite a few of his posts and I have to say he did go out of his way to rub people the wrong way here, also he said he enjoyed doing that early on if anyone remembers. He disrespected other junior golfers in N Calif by saying they "suck" and bragged about winning in that tournament when in fact he was the ONLY 14 year old entered that day. He actually shot 91-93 at that tournament.

His words:

~~Yeah, dude, congrats. My first tournament was in Redwood and I won it with like an high 80's.. when I was asked how long I've been playing and responded "a couple weeks" i got some weird looks. Hahahaha. But they sucked down there, the real competition is down here.

He really needs to grow up, he blew off a really good opportunity to learn but instead wanted to try and impress us with his self promoted knowledge of golf, and then knowingly break forum rules posting links to other sites and then disrespecting the pros here by thinking he could take them on with his veil of golf knowledge, Kelzzy . . . we were on to you from the very beginning.

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