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Odyssey Metal X Milled Line of Putters

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bjwestner    16

I had ordered a 330 Mallet last week because I thought it was a great looking putter....over the weekend I hit up GG and they had a few of the Metal X Milled Putters (Golfsmith did not as I was at GG just the day after going to Golfsmith).  After spending 3 hours in GG, I walked out with the #1 model.  I was really impressed with the quality of the putters.  These Metal X Milled putters are fantastic looking and appear very well made.  Furthermore the putter comes with it's own weight kit so you can play around with different weights in the putter to find the combination that fits you the best.

My 330 Mallet arrived last night and although I have not been outside with them yet, I am putting lights out indoors on my synthetic green and on the Puttist as well.

Interesting to note that there is a large price difference between some of the models....the #1 and the 330m are retail $299 while the #7 is $349.99 retail.  I guess it's more club technically so that must be the reason.

I'm not an insert guy at all which is probably why I like these putters.  It has that metal x face but it's really not an insert.  I don't know how they did it but they did it in a way that really makes it feel like a deep milled putter without the deep milling.  The headcovers are of good quality as well, they are not cheap and have no velcro at all.  Magnets close the headcover.

Has anyone else gotten one of these yet and if so, how do you like it?

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SamGray    2

I don't have one yet but I have been keeping a close eye on them. They are sexy and I love the feel of milled putters. I hope they bring the wide back version like the Versa 1w out! Hope you love the putter!

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trickyputt    22

I game a Metal X 7cs that I had to get shipped to the states. I like the weight, but they are all heel shaft here for now. When I was poking about at Golfsmith, I ran across the #1 in 36" and was very impressed for the same reasoning, that being the weight was very comfortable with my version of putter momentum. If I every took up that style of head, that would be the club. My perennial complaint has been that they are too low mass for me, or too heavy in the belly, chest heads.

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    • As per the specs on XR irons, the stock shaft lengths are: 6i = 37.875" PW = 35.75" AW = 35.50" SW = 35.25" So, your 6I + 1" now is 38.875" long. If you have already extended these two wedges 1" also, then you would extend their shaft length by 2". If you have not already extended your wedges, you would be increasing the shaft length by 3". A couple of things to consider: Shaft length + loft helps determine how far a given golf club will launch the ball. If you make the wedge shafts 2 to 3 inches longer, you likely will get yardage compression. You might get a PW that flies longer than your 9i. Safety factors: The clubsmiths at GolfWorks do not recommend extending non-putter shafts beyond 1". You run the risk of creating shear points, with club possibly coming apart. If you like longer shafts in the short clubs, try the single-length irons. 
    • I will be posting some next week sometime. I have been in the Fitness business for 20 years. These will include 3 levels for beginners, intermediate and Advanced so you can work your way up. I will also include some easy warm up drills. watch for my posts  "Ten minutes to better golf "  check out my ten minutes to pain free golf in the meantime
    • I hear you. Having the playoffs is definitely better than not, hopefully the Labor Day finish and some slight format tweaks down the road can help. 
    • I as blown away this morning when I saw the new Cleveland woods and irons in Golf Digest. At the 2015 St. Louis Golf Expo, the regional Cleveland/Srixon rep had told me that Cleveland was going to focus on wedges and recreational clubs, while Srixon would focus on clubs for competition golfers. I noted, however, that the past 18 months the Cleveland site only talked about wedges and putters. So, it was good to see the GD ad on the new Cleveland Launcher woods and irons. Circa 2009, the Cleveland CG16 irons lost out to the Callaway X20 irons when I was redoing my bag. And,  I played a mix of CG14 wedges until last summer. Good to see Cleveland rebounding beyond wedges and putters.  Several golf club manufacturers have used variations on CB in the designations of their cavity-back iron models. I doubt such a suit would go anywhere; it would be like trying to copyright the terms grooves and dimples.
    • Yup.  I'm happily in the "I will not be getting a Scotty" club.
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