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Input on irons .....Please

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Started playing last year, to say I am addicted is a major understatement, I FREAKIN LOVE the game of golf, getting a late start, I am 48, 5'10", bout 180, in pretty good shape, took some lessons last year, will continue with them this year, can get the ball up pretty good, when I stay down on it, still tend to want to raise up and top it at times, misses go right, not the OMG look behind me kind of right, but high and kind of floating off to the right, if that makes any sense, still for the most part get fairly good distance when I miss, just hangs and curves to right........ anyways..... sorry to ramble...... looking to get new irons, wife says she wants to buy me something.... I say alrighty then....... currently have Ping G2's, and they have just never felt right, been looking at Taylormade Rocketballz and Rocketbladez are the Rocketbladez that much different from the Rocketballz to warrant the extra cash, Callaway X hots, Cobra amp cell, and S3's, club where I play has demos in all of these but no indoor area and we have about 10 inches of snow, I will try them all before buying and will get fitted, just wondering what guys that have hit these think, any others I should maybe look at, Thanks

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I would look at the Titleist AP1 and possibly the new 2014 Adams XTD irons. If you are set on used I would look at the AP1 in the 712 version, you should be able to pick them up at a good price.

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We're close to the same age but I've been playing (obviously!) a lot longer than you.  Good on you first for understanding the value of going to a place where you can hit irons from several manufacturers.  Friendly advice here:  Don't even look at the brand name, just try to put the same swing on everything and let the performance speak for itself.  You' may walk out with a brand you hadn't considered.

Next up:  All new club designs are pretty good.  My wife just went through this drill last October.  When someone finally puts a club in your hand and it launches right, rolls out longer than the others and stays online better than the rest, it's easy to make a decision.  Unfortunately for me, the wife's clubs said Ping on them.  All of them.  Ouch!

Lastly:  We're not 25 anymore.  Seriously consider a brand where an iron set can replace long irons with hybrid clubs.  Taylormade and Callaway spring to mine.  Consider dropping the longest club, (usually a 3-iron) for another wedge on the short end of the set.  For example, my iron set is a #4 and 5 hybrids, 6-9 irons PW and AW.  Eight irons is pretty much what a 'set' offers.  You can certainly buy MORE, but usually not fewer.

From one older guy to another, I see huge value in hybrid clubs, but not a 3-hybrid.  I like a 4- or 5-wood in place of a 3-wood,  Spend a lot of time with drivers before plunking down big money.  Of my last three drivers, I still got more yards from my TM 2007 Burner than the next two.  Sometimes, you THINK newer is better--and it usually is.  But not always.

Good luck and have fun looking, testing and buying!


ps:  I play the Rocketbladez irons and RBZ stage 2 everything else.  Like the Bladez irons a lot!  Have pretty much always been a TM player, but I don't want to imply that because I play them, you should too.

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I play the 2.0's from TM. Hit the RBZ and they felt pretty much the same, the 2.0's were cheaper, lol. They are soft and forgiving and pack a nice punch. I agree with above, just hit each one you find and see what feels good. Dosent matter what the name on the back is.

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Thanks for responding, I have a 4 and 5 hybrid that I hit pretty well, when I stay down on it, like I said still have a tendency to want to raise up at times causing me to top the shot, When this snow finally leaves going to start hitting everything I can, brand makes no difference to me, just want to find what I can hit the best, going to continue with lessons this year, I wish I would have started 20 years ago, absolutely love this game........ With each manufacturer coming out with new sets each year, have to wonder is there that much difference between Rocketbladez and Rocketballz....... X hots from Razr X........ Amp Cells from Amps or even S3's, I by no means need the latest and greatest, just for the sake of having the new model and it makes no difference to me who makes the club..... Thanks for any help given

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    • Many specialty clubs are Black Anodized  Steel these days. Not that long ago, the new thing was BE (Berylium Copper (or however you spell it). Those were FUGLY and I hated them when doing QC for Acushnet. Not to mention they are probably toxic.  ( I do not really know that). Just about all (or at least many) of  the new hybrids are black including the face and sole. It has been stated that folks used to allow the BE wedges to intentionally rust to give them more "bite".
    • Greetings @PaddyMac . Was out one a windy day last November, and joined a couple of players from a local college golf team. One player was from Ireland, and had an XStiff driver with 8* loft. The last hole was a 440-yd. par 4 into a 35 MPH wind. (My tees were only 390 yds.) He hit a line drive that never got 15 feet off the ground; it carried out to about 270, and then ran out another 50 yards. My drive from the shorter tees, a solid hit for me, came up about 40 yards short of his, despite my starting advantage. So, I think I understand why you want a shaft that will help you keep the ball lower, in case the wind blows.  As for your driving iron, a couple of extra things to consider. Your new AMT shaft will be heavier than the KKBlack:
            Regular: 108 - 90 = 18 grams // Stiff:........112 - 93 = 19 grams Roughly 18 more grams of weight for the new shaft means the swingweight will increase by +2 units. That will more than cancel out the -1/4 inch trim that would have decreased swingweight by about 0.7 units. As for shims, you would have weigh it. I have limited actual reshafting exerience and none involved shims. @boogielicious, any tips on shims? For other details, check out the Callaway Customization measurement guidelines.
    • I was 6 or 7 years old the first time I played a full 18 holes with my dad, not sure if we played by the proper rules but I remember that I shot 121 (Probably with a few mulligans).  I think I still have that 20+ year old scorecard somewhere in my parents basement, I was pretty proud of myself from what I can remember.
    • Yes, of course. I would only fix it if I was waiting to putt and I noticed a pitch mark. 
    • I like to think I leave the course better than I found it.  This includes ball marks, divots and trap raking (not that I am ever in traps).  I fix lots of ball marks on almost every hole.  I play mostly private and they are not a lot better than the public courses I play on. I use a single tine tool or a tee.  FWIW at a  country club that I play regularly they give out the single tine tool and their "how to" specifically says do not twist a forked tool it breaks the roots. http://foregreens.com/images/ForeGreens_0009.jpg
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