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I played front-9 holes. I'm totally beginner as far as handicap goes, first time I'm allowed to improve my handicap since I'm club member nowadays.

Blew only two holes

made one par

made one bogey

made five double bogeys

I collected 40 so-called, bogey points

It's required 36 bogey points in order to lower handicap, for total beginner.

I had to calculate these with pen and paper because the online calculator for my golf course was utterly broken.


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congratulations keep up the good work


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Nice going lowering your handicap.

What are bogey points?

my country uses stableford scoring, with handicap index, for the purposes of improving the handicap.

stableford points are called bogey points in this country I suppose. I think it's great because it doesn't punish you for a bad score for a single hole.

You can still fight back and improve handicap if you manage to do excellent on some other holes,

You basically calculate a "personal par" value for each of the holes of the course, according to your starting handicap (it is the expected outcome for a beginner golfer with high handicap, on each specific hole)

If youj exceed the expectation, then that basically means you lowe handicap. Beginners must collect over 36 points on nine holes scorecard.

You get awarded points according to how well you played each hole, in comparison to your personal par, on the specific hole.

So what you must do is to gather as many stableford points as possible. You get awarded points for using less strokes for "difficult holes for your current handicap"


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    • Possibly will be going to Barcelona Spain, middle of January.  My wife has her annual meeting over there this year.  Weather doesn't look like it will be great for golf though.  High's typically in the mid-50's.  But any recommendations for golf if we can get in a couple of rounds?
    • Frankly, I'm starting to think that dress codes have become necessary since people refuse to dress appropriately on their own.  Defendants showing up to court in shorts and shirts with the sleeves cut off is indicative of a problem.  A golf course doesn't need to be quite so formal, though. I have pretty minimal views of what is "respectful" on a golf course.  I personally generally wear long pants (sometimes shorts) and a collared shirt, but that's probably due to advances in textiles.  When I was younger, I wore jeans shorts and tee shirts to the local muni because that's what I had that would be remotely comfortable.   Since my friends and I were pretty much the only ones on the course one particular day when our school was the only one not having classes, we decided to take our shirts off and get a tan while golfing.  We were reprimanded by an employee and told to put them back I.  Looking back, I think this was the correct thing to do.  We were just trying to get tans, not be disrespectful, but I think the correction was warranted. I think a Course has the right to apply and enforce a dress code.  I'd hope that they relax it a bit if a visitor were unaware of it when first playing.  If a course does not want a dress code, good for them.  If you think the clientele at your local course is dressed in appropriately, speak with an employee about how you think people should be dressed, state that you will not patronize a place that allows such horrible cretins to breathe the same air as you, and then do not return.  The free market will decide if your business was important enough for them to force your opinions on others.
    • Thanks for sharing.   This is some great information.
    • Fascinating thread, shows how the generations view the world among other factors? And many of the views use extremes to make their point, e.g. cut off jeans, ratty T-shirts. I'm still baffled with the objection to cargo shorts, not the huge baggy ones, but the ones that are the same cut as "golf shorts" with extra pockets on the front. I also don't see how tucking in your shirt or having a collar have much to do with golf. I guess back when players wore plus fours and ties they were outraged at what's acceptable golf attire to much of today's older generation. Again, the Boomers and older generations are keeping younger generations away in droves by clinging to old norms IMHO. The sport will decline further/faster if that persists? Golf is more expensive and takes longer than many competing pastimes, is it really necessary to exacerbate the problem because someone otherwise neatly dressed doesn't have their shirt tucked in with a belt on?
    • So if everyone played Sunday's round on Sunday, they could start the round with LCP and that would be fine, correct?  
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