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Ping fitting

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I know some threads have posted similar questions, but I believe I am asking a complicated enough question to warrant a thread:

I went to Edwin Watts today to demo some irons and fairway woods. The sales rep was really pushing TM on me, but I was really liking the feel of the Ping i20's. My misses weren't terribly punished like they are with my current set of blades, but I could still feel the miss off the clubface for feedback. They had a much more solid weight to them than the TM Speedbladez did, and I think this will help counteract my tendency to overswing a bit.

Now, to my questions: first, will a custom fitting for, say, the i25 (since that's the latest model and what's in the fitting cart) translate into a proper fit for the i20's? I'm wanting to buy the 20's simply for the sake of saving some money, as I'm on a limited budget. Second (and I know this has been addressed before), would it be wrong of me to get a fitting at Edwin Watts, and then purchase a used set in the appropriate color dot elsewhere? I mean, if they just happened to have a used set in my fit, I'd be happy to buy them from the store, but that is probably an unlikely scenario.

Last, suppose I am fit and the store happens to have some used black dots in stock, are the i20's easily bent? This is all rather complicated as I likely need longer than stock shafts as well. Buying used/older model irons seems like it may be more work than it's worth.


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Newer Ping irons are fairly easily adjusted, I believe Ping states on their website that they can be adjusted up to 4* either way. Even the old Eye 2's can be sent in to be bent up to 2* each way! though they do make you sign a waiver for those. You could even get fit, then see if you can negotiate the adjustments into the price of the used irons. I would assume that most places would be happy to spend 30-60 minutes adjusting a used set of clubs and get a sale as opposed to losing out on the sale entirely. As to the i25 fitting versus a using an i20 to get fit, I don't think it should make much of a difference. Iron sets usually just have lie and length adjustments, which are at least usually universal between different sets of the same brand. At least with Ping the i20's and i25's have the same stock shaft length and their color code for lies is universal for all of their clubs made in the last few years.

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Good to know. I told them to give me a ring whenever some i20's came in and I would put them on layaway. These are basically going to be a wedding gift to myself, haha!


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    • Played yesterday at SGCC. 36-40-76 -2 birdies and 2 doubles (ugh), one double was a 3-putt
    • I am going to try the TP version of my old club.  It has a 390CC head.  It was only 30 bucks so I figured it couldn't hurt to see if it helps a little on the forgiveness.  I guess the game is just passing me by...I can't see myself using those gigantic drivers.  The thing I noticed is that with the smaller head, that I am more focused on hitting the sweet spot.  With the giant club it just seems like you hit it anywhere on the face.  Am I correct in thinking that a "sweet spot" is not any larger on the bigger heads?  Is it just that on off center hits there is better chance of hitting it straight?  
    • I'll keep this on the short side because some random person's Member Swing thread isn't really the place for this kind of discussion… By most I'll clarify: the vast, vast majority. I'm not talking about 53% here. That doesn't mean you were doing it right or most efficiently. You may very well have been capable of making the change - and making it more quickly - with a ball if you'd done it differently. Sounds slow. Not for everyone, but for a good chunk of people. That's not what I advocate in the above linked post, either. Generally speaking, here's what I see: You tell people to fix the move without a golf ball. They work and work and film and record, and eventually, they've got a great practice swing. You say "great, now do that with a ball" and they almost immediately and completely revert to their old swing. Simply put, what I recommend to people is: A rehearsal swing or two. Often these too are shorter, slower, simpler swings. A shorter, slower, simpler swing focusing just on the "piece" while hitting a ball. As you become proficient, the swing gets less short, less slow, and closer to the full swing. Practice at the edge of your ability, but do it with a ball. The approach there blends no-ball practice (the first bullet) but immediately ties it to a motion you make with a golf ball. If you're shanking, topping, etc. the ball too much, you're not doing it slowly, "shortly," or simply enough.
    • Shot a 41 in my match play League.  Opponent was giving me 3 strokes.  I won the match 5 to 4. 5 pars 3 bogeys 1 double Good:  Drove 6/7 fairways and the only one that I missed was by about a foot.  Hit some very good approach shots.  I had 4 birdie putts ranging from 6-25 feet.  Alas, i made none. Bad: Other than duffing 2 shots on the first hole (an easy par 5) i played pretty solid.    
    • This entirely depends on where you play. I play courses that usually have three groups and a couple of singles out per side, and I would say no, but then I get to an urban course, like Long. Island, or South Florida, and it's anger management time.  I like to watch my friends's shots, and compliment their successes, I take a couple practice swings if I am in an uneven lie, or whatever, but I am not going to spend time searching for extra balls while walking between shots, or sit and BS at the tee before shooting. For some reason I am always ready to hit first, honors or no, and I just don't get why people take so long there. As long as I can do the things I enjoy, like watching my shots and my friends shots, and take due care taking my shots and putting, I don't feel rushed, but three hours for a foursome means you have four serious golfers. My golfing is more social so that is unlikely to happen. I play with one guy who takes pace seriously, and we do fine.  If we want to pick up the pace of a group, we play best ball. Maybe the conversations on the tee are because that's where everybody gathers together for the next hole and people like to talk. I like to play golf.
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