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Nirwana Golf Course, Bali

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This course was rated one of the top 100 courses by Golf Digest. Designed by Greg Norman, it's an absolutely fantastic course. This par 3 plays about 180 yards. The temple in the left background is quite famous. [IMG ALT="image.jpg"]http://thesandtrap.com/content/type/61/id/92818/[/IMG] This is the hole before the first par 3 above. Unlike a lot of the courses I play here in Japan, the fairway bunkers are quite often in play regardless of which tees you play from. Here the ideal shot is to carry the right bunker, but if you slice it... Then you could stay left but if you hit it long..... Or thread the needle between them. Regardless, there is an over-grown stream cutting across the fairway in front of the green. Another instance of a stream protecting the green. My playing partner here hit it a bit short/right whereas I have an easier shot another 20 yards slightly to the left.

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Great pics....


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Thanks. It was a great trip. I've never been big on scenery when playing but this was actually so distracting it affected my game. The caddies served as 'scenery' also.

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    • I don't think that's what most people mean by playing ready golf.  If you and a slow-walking player both hit in the fairway and you hit farther, I agree it's rude to just walk quickly out, set up, and hit your ball.  Except for the oldest, slowest players, that player is almost certainly going to be trying to start a pre-shot routine while you're finishing yours.  And even if not, the point of ready golf is to make sure – assuming you're not stuck behind other groups – you play close to as fast as the slowest walking player in your group would solo, not to finish holes in sequence, fastest player to slowest player. For example, when playing with slow older players, both of us in the fairway, I might walk past the older players ball if there's a good tree line to walk along or the like, and post up near my ball's level while waiting for the slower player to hit, then have a quicker walk to my ball, with the hope being that I can go through my pre-shot and hit my shot in not much more time than it takes the slower player to watch his shot, put his club back, and walk up to where my ball is. Around the green I liberally play my ball if I'm ready well before anyone else even if I'm not farthest from the hole.  And like I said above, I think first ready tees off unless someone has birdied or better.  But between the tee and near green, I'm only playing out of turn when another player in my group has hit a really crappy shot and is off in the woods/grass looking for a ball, I'm not on or near that player's line to the hole/chip out, and I can easily go ahead and play my ball before the other player will be (even really that close to) ready to hit.
    • On the Home Page.   Create a Member Swing Thread TST members are willing to help you with your game! Simply create a new thread in the Member Swings forum (be sure to film your swing properly).   film your swing links to. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/?do=add pretty sure you meant this: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing  
    • Crazy, I stayed at Orange Lake Resort back in 2001.  I had unlimited miniature golf for the entire week, I think I played 54 rounds or something during my week stay. I love their full golf attire, shoes included, I wore a bathing suit when I played.
    • Yup. Players are authorized to ride a cart during their round(s) only when there are shuttles (as mentioned in the article) or to be taken back to re-hit a ball under stroke and distance penalties. Basically, you have to walk the golf course once, and that includes any side trips like going to the restroom, going to get a drink from a neighboring hole's concessions area, etc.  
    • Seems like the kind of thing that a young kid would start doing when trying to swing really fast. Seems like it would be very hard to learn how to do this and keep your swing in control. My guess is that Justin Thomas started doing this as a kid, and it's just part of his swing now.
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