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Need some help!

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Ive been playing golf for a couple of years now and I got to where I was getting pretty good. I could shoot 70's consistently. I need help with making contact with my irons.sistently at my home course.

I need help with making contact with my irons. I haven't got to play nearly as much this year and its like I forgot what I was doing. I use to strike the ball like a champ and it was something i never thought about. The only way I can make good contact with my low and mid irons is closing the face at address and i hate that just cause its a band-aid for a bigger problem. Im a head case when it comes to my swing. Before like 50% of my iron shots I'm taking slow mo swings looking at what my face will be like at impact. Ive tried to stop thinking so much but its a hard thing to do. I guess what I'm asking is how do i get back to where i was? I can go to the range and beat balls but practicing is pointless if your not practicing right to me anyway. I know it may be hard to help because y'all have no idea what my swings looks like. I know it could be 1000 different things but i feel like I'm just not releasing the club right. and why in the hell can i hit good straight shots (sometimes a baby draw) with completely closing my face off at address? if it wasnt for my good short game my game would be even worse than it is cause I'm not hitting the greens in reg like i used to.


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