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Need some help!

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Ive been playing golf for a couple of years now and I got to where I was getting pretty good. I could shoot 70's consistently. I need help with making contact with my irons.sistently at my home course.

I need help with making contact with my irons. I haven't got to play nearly as much this year and its like I forgot what I was doing. I use to strike the ball like a champ and it was something i never thought about. The only way I can make good contact with my low and mid irons is closing the face at address and i hate that just cause its a band-aid for a bigger problem. Im a head case when it comes to my swing. Before like 50% of my iron shots I'm taking slow mo swings looking at what my face will be like at impact. Ive tried to stop thinking so much but its a hard thing to do. I guess what I'm asking is how do i get back to where i was? I can go to the range and beat balls but practicing is pointless if your not practicing right to me anyway. I know it may be hard to help because y'all have no idea what my swings looks like. I know it could be 1000 different things but i feel like I'm just not releasing the club right. and why in the hell can i hit good straight shots (sometimes a baby draw) with completely closing my face off at address? if it wasnt for my good short game my game would be even worse than it is cause I'm not hitting the greens in reg like i used to.


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    • I have no problem with Michigan. I used to drive through it on my way to Canada! Even actually spent some money there! Maybe if I lived in the Toledo area, but I'm on the other side of the state. I'm actually closer to Pittsburgh than I am to Cleveland, but that doesn't mean I'm rooting for the Steelers! OK, something else occurred to me. How does the HI or the handicap services adjust one's handicap to cover rounds on courses of varying difficulty. I could go out on a local goat ranch with a rating of 68.5, and a slope rating of 103 and shoot lights outs. Then I go to a tougher track and blow up so often that my nickname becomes "Dynamite"! I could be totally off the beam here, but I thought the original idea of the handicap "index" was to allow handicaps to be adjusted up or down depending on the strength of the course to be played, based on some standard. It seems to that these associations, or "clubs without real estate" to have no such standard. This may be an arcane question, but it just popped into my head sometime today.
    • Beat my low score on Monday. Shot a 10 over, 83.  Have been working on the clubface drills a lot. When I'm at home or on the range, I don't have much trouble getting the ball to draw. In fact, after a good warm-up and some slow-swing work, I actually have a hard time hitting a fade (well, a small fade...I can slice it on demand ). On the course, it's a bit different...push-draw attempts normally end up in a straight-fade or just a push. Staying within my "shot cone", for the most part, though. I played the first 12 holes with too young guys who were playing from the tips and drove the ball a country-mile. One of 'em was just off the green, pin-high, from 270 with a 3-wood. Fun to watch. They were good luck too, because despite their bombs off the tee, I was rocking my driver and was consistently 10-20 yards ahead of them on every hole with the ~30-50 yard advantage I had on most tees. Although, they were hitting wedges when I was hitting an 7- or 8-iron.  They left after the 12th hole, so I broke out my phone and recorded the rest of the round. Only 6 holes, so I guess it won't count towards my badge, but I enjoyed it and will probably do it again soon. Very cool to be able to go back and review my round in detail like that. The first hole on video was rough. I didn't feel too nervous about the golf (you've already seen my swing), but was afraid to talk and sound stupid...and I'm so used to talking to myself, that just didn't work.  p.s. After posting my rounds from Monday, my handicap dropped below 15 for the first time. I've said it before, but damn I love this site.  
    • Ok since I didn't put up a full swing, here is my 3 wood full swing with a much better camera angle. all help appreciated. I'm losing some tush line but my hip rotation is so much better than it used to be. The biggest thing I'm trying to do is calm that back leg and and keep the arms passive. Anyone think I could use a little more right bend and less leg extension?  
    • Generally on championships i play long corses >7000 yards. Im a short hitter too, so i don´t hit too much wedges to the greens. Only on Par 5 and maybe a short tigth hole. The hybrid i just bougth is necessary.  Think about this too. For the moment it´s what i´ve done. But i not sure about it.  But if I only play with a 4 wood my distances will be.. Driver 250, 5 wood 210, 4 Iron 190. Now i have a big gap between My driver and my 5 wood. I choke down on every club in the bag, can´t choke down more.  My Handicap it´s 0. My awkward distances are on long par 3 and long par 4. Maybe on short par 5 too.  The 6 iron idea is brilliant. Never cross my mind. But i don´t whant to alter my irons. I'm curious, how could you add 1/4 shaft to a club ?? I´m not good on half swings, and i already choke down everything. That´s why i have 5 wedges, no gaps in my wedges but that means 40 yards gap in my longer clubs.  Yes, they are really strong from fabric. I play the titleist AP1 716. Maybe setting my 3 wood from 15 to 16,5 and setting the hybrid from 19 to 21 i can get out of the bag my 4 iron.
      I guess the yards will be as follows: Driver 250
      Wood 220
      Hybrid 200
      5 Iron 180
      6 iron 170 and so on.. and i get to keep all my wedges. What do you think ?
    • Should be fun, but your engineering finals come first! I'm also telling my son to keep his grades up in these last two months so he won't lose his acceptance to UCLA. I'm such an Asian dad these days. . .  
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