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Wilson Staff Duo golf balls

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Picked up a dozen of these a couple weeks ago and thought I would share my experience with them.

I have currently been gaming the Q-Star most of the year with great results.

I bought these because I was intrigued by the marketing from Wilson being "long and soft." I paid less than $20 for the dozen with hopes of finding a new ball in the $20-25 range. I took the balls to the putting green for practice. I was thrilled at the soft feel of the ball while putting and chipping. Spin and bite performance was excellent and very tight. I felt the Wilson had a slight edge in bite performance over the Q-star when chipping & pitching.

I was impressed and ready to take the ball to the course.

Normally at my home course I can usually hit 70-80% of fairways with the Q-Star driving the ball on on average around 245-255 yards. With the Wilson, I only hit one fairway and it was close to the edge of the rough. Off the tee box, this ball spins a lot! I did not get a straight ball flight on any drive. Most balls had significant pull draws that I could not control.

I would consider my "normal" drive a baby 10yd push-draw. I made a few changes during the round to try and correct the ball flight with the Wilson, but could not minimize the spin enough to be effective.

I feel that the cover of these balls are so soft and sticky that they make it difficult to be long and straight off the tee box.

From around 150 yards and in, the balls played well, but were a little too soft feeling on the face of my Mizuno MP-54s for my liking. I did not get good feedback on my iron strikes with this ball. Stopping performance with my irons was good.

I have suffered with these balls through 3 rounds, with the only negative impact still being very inconsistent driving.

My scores have been higher by 2-3 strokes a round because of missing so many fairways.

I retired these balls and went back to my Q-Stars. Driving returned to normal accuracy and my scores did the same. In my opinion, the Q-Stars are extremely tough to beat for the price and the Wilson's just weren't the ball for me.

Summary Positive:

Great soft feel on and around the green

Decent/good stopping performance with irons


Good looking ball

Summary Negative:

Poor feedback on irons due to softness

High-spinning makes driving extremely difficult (in my situation)

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Awesome write up! I've been curious about these. Wilson is not a brand I would trust now I can make it off my list. Have you tried Srixon soft feel?

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