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4 minutes ago, dennyjones said:

It looks good from the thread in the Michigan group about the Loop.  Thanks for your diligence. 

I just update the plugin when the author updates it. :-)

Glad that's fixed. Hopefully the others are fixed too.

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    • No they wouldn´t, that´s why i said morning tee time for LPGA players and afternoon for PGA players. Maybe you just go early to get a good spot on 18th hole while you see the ladies end their rounds, or tune the LPGA broadcast the check out course condition.. pin placements in advance... you name it.
    • The rules allow the location of the ball to be marked using a "ball marker", or by setting a club next to or behind the ball.  Interestingly, the definition of "ball marker" requires it to be something artificial, so by strict interpretation a small stone or a seashell wouldn't be acceptable.  Similarly, making a mark on the grass, or using the trail in the dew wouldn't be acceptable. As far as I can tell looking at last year's rules, this definition of "ball marker" is new.  Check Rule 20-1 here: Rules Of Golf 2016 There's a recommendation that a coil or similar object be used, but no specific requirement other than that the position must be marked.
    • Since there is some ambiguity, I'll describe the circumstances that would make me prefer one option over the other 2: CHIP Some obstacle is present along the path of a putt (sprinkler head, tree root, another ball, or something like a kidney bean shaped green where the putt couldn't make it to the hole without leaving the green again) Some kind of maintenance problem is present along the path of a putt (turf damage, heavy ball marks, poorly cut edge of the green that could deflect the ball unpredictably) Anything over 3 feet off the green or so Basically just any unusual conditions that would increase the chances of a putt bouncing off line by a large amount. If it's just flat/smooth fairway for less than 3 feet and then a well-maintained putting surface beyond that I won't chip because it has a worse result, on average, than putting. I should probably putt from longer distances off the green, but I haven't practiced it enough to feel comfortable with my distance control unless it's a very brief stint rolling on the fairway. SOMETHING ELSE If I'm up against the collar of the rough I'll use a bellied wedge to "putt" the ball without having interference from the rough. Sometimes I will experiment and use a bladed 3-iron or a 3-wood chip instead, but I'm mostly comfortable with a bellied wedge here since it pretty much perfectly skims over the rough. PUTT Anything not listed above, which includes almost every shot where the ball ends up on the fairway within 3 feet of the green.
    • That certainly makes sense, but as I understand the Rule 1.2, the DQ penalty would to be assessed by the Committee for the serious misconduct.  The Committee also has the authority to choose to warn the player, rather than apply the DQ penalty.  In real time,  it seems unlikely that a decision to DQ the player would be made while the hole is still being played.  In real time, and in match play, the smart thing to do is to concede the putt before it can be played.
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