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  1. Don't necessarily have an answer for the OP, think most who have played for many years go through some flat periods where you think maybe I could be doing something else. One of the sites in Australia had this comment which I liked (albeit a bit flowery). The Peter Thomson reference is that he is not considered a very good architect (has a fondness for bunkers in the middle of fairways): The fun in golf is to overestimate our ability and then, just occasionally when the stars are aligned, we succeed in playing the shot, or having the round, or winning the tournament of our d
  2. I was talking about this to a mate the other week, it's like deja vu all over again.
  3. In a country with 100 million sheep and 25 million kangaroos, they chase feral cats? Possible I suppose.
  4. At least you are neutral, we go everywhere they go and I still can't get a start.
  5. You must be a legal resident of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia and aged eighteen (18) or older as of the date of entry. Damn xenophobic competitions, and I know the answer is Adam Scott
  6. Will give you an 8. Mad Max was one of the first movies I saw as a kid. Mel probably had all his marbles when it was made. 30 years in Hollywood doesn't seem to have done the punter much good.
  7. Looking from the 7th tee back over the Par 3 6th. NSW Golf Club, Sydney. View from the tee
  8. If it is all about the money and not winning which is the OPs premise, the money a multi year tour pro earns needs some perspective. You can google up numerous articles on the PGA Tour's pension plan, there was an article indicating that Stuart Appelby (hardly a prolific winner) would retire with $200m after a 20 yr career, not sure on what compounded rates this was based. Regardless, the rich get richer and continue to accumulate wealth, tax free. http://sports.yahoo.com/golf/pga/news?slug=dw-pension090407
  9. We missed the game, didn't really understand when people at the bar were getting so excited at 10-0. Best that someone else had our seats. Love travelling in the States (California only thistime), everything works, easy to get around (apart from SF this afternoon), weather has been great, people are always pleasant, I could easily live here.
  10. Just had a look and the House of Prime Rib is about a goodish forum drive (400 yards) from where we are staying, will get a visit. Cheers. Thanks for the stub hub tip as well, we are going to go on Thursday night. Oh well enough for now, gotta get ready for Riviera today, life's tough.
  11. Massive bump, anyway, we are done on our trip (Go Anthony Summers, Aussie qualifier). Staying somewhere around North Beach in San Fran, we are keen to go to the baseball. To suggest we are clueless would overstate our knowledge. Seems there is an Astros game on Thursday 13th, do we pay for good seats ( 3 of us) or just roll up and take our chances? Objective is to have a few beers and enjoy ourselves.
  12. You say in one post you are a political operative, whatever that means. In other walks of life when you condescendingly say to someone "I deal with your type all the time" do they normally react positively? Post that little gem I doubt whether I would take much notice of what you said. Yu also mentond you iked the discussion yet when someone disagrees you accuse them of getting personal. FWIW I agreed totally with iacas's post and I am a golf fan who lives thousands of miles from the US.
  13. I did a trip with some mates from London when the Euro and the Celtic tiger were roaring so golf at that stage was outrageously expensive in Aussie dollar terms. Given events since then I presume things are more resonanble. My caddie at Lahinch had lived in Australia, we went out for some drinks with them in town and they were taking the piss because I paid as much for one round as they did for a years fees. I think it's about planning where you really want to play and then working around that as a plan. Royal County Down is a must play, so you know you will be driving north from Dublin
  14. Yeah cause Tiger dominates the high moral ground. Please, those two deserve each other, dumb and dumber.
  15. Fuss seems to have died down however with a potential Tiger vs Scott match up at some stage in the Presidents Cup, the pot is only on simmer. From our main Sydney paper http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/steve-williams-exposed-as-a-profane-fool-20111107-1n2h4.html Consensus out here is similar to the article, that he is someone who would be described as, "not the sharpest tool in the shed". I would march him after the Preseidents Cup. Whatever the outcome piece he is / isn't, having him carrying on and trying to be the centre (sorry center) of atten
  16. When referring to Steve Williams or his new moniker, "Stevie", can we not associate the bonehead with being or having anything much to do with Australia. The "Full of Boneheads" sign went up years ago here, we don't need him. Nobody was actually there to hear the context of how it was said, nevertheless as someone else pointed out its strike 2. Maybe if the players offerred anything other than formula sports speak this fool wouldn't have a forum.
  17. Not having been around very long, I haven't got the religion/non religion ennui. I do understand having endured more "how far can you hit a driver" threads on other forums than I care to remember The overtly religious comments don't actually bother me, more so they bore me. However equally, so does the psycho babble stuff, have just seen an interview with Roger Tambellini where he was so desperate to trot out, "Ï need to get out of my own way" that he actually got in his own way trying to say it twice in a sentence. Makes an easy point of reference to spew out the same stuff ever
  18. 12 of us go here every November : http://www.nationalgolf.com.au/welcome/index.mhtml Ryder / Presidents Cup type format. Good times at a brilliant golfing facility.
  19. Heads down boys, having lived many years in London, I can't believe what I am seeing. Always a spot out in Oz if it gets too bad.
  20. Growing up in Australia, there was only one golfer to follow, G.Norman. Striding global fairways, winning everything (except what he craved most), the best driver of a golf ball, charismatic and larger than life.
  21. Few rumours out here that an Australian guy called Shane Joel will get Tigers bag. Caddies for O'Meara at the moment.
  22. Thanks all, the suggested courses look fantastic on the respective web sites, am sure I can come up with a "awesome" tour. Have had a look at the previous Bandon threads, might be an idea to book early and head up there prior to the Open.
  23. All, Will be going over for a boys trip (from Australia) a week either side of the 2012 US Open in June. We have never been to San Francicso so if anyone has tips on where to stay, eat etc send them through. Will likely try and rent a house if that is possible. Happy to travel to play golf in the week before, 100 mile radius is OK assuming the traffic is not as horrendous as Sydney (this place is gridlocked). On the costing front our dollar is good so up to US$200 per game is palatable. Really want to play Pasatiempo and Mare Island but probably not go as far as Monterey.
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