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  1. I have a pair of k2 twin tips that I like and bought in 08’. I have bindings a but more centered on them. Ski technology these days don’t get as skinny in the middle, they stay pretty fat throughout. I want an upgrade myself but don’t go often enough anymore.
  2. The only feeling I have for BK is “meh.” I root for him sometimes and against other times.
  3. OMG, I was thinking Koepka winning would be crazy. Insane eagle on 17. This has been a fun day to watch.
  4. I know I've played 7500-7600yds at Wine Valley. Not sure if that's the longest I've been to or not.
  5. Yeah leaderboard is certainly shaken up now.
  6. North Bell could open in the tundra. At least they have before. I'll play if there's no wind... I suppose that could say I don't know when to say that's too much golf...
  7. Yeah, guy is on 59 watch. (Oops i lied. Either way, its a good round) Needs to birdie 18. He said he feels good tee to green now, just needed more putts to fall and he’s clearly getting it today.
  8. I think of this two ways. What do I expect and what do I hope. I expect 20-25ft that I'll two putt every time. I'd hope I could from 30-35ft as well.
  9. I was a bit confused watching the coverage, because they were focusing on only two groups. Then I noticed that the title of the coverage is featured groups only and normal coverage starts later. Interesting, but works for me. Fowler's SG Approach and Putting is awful and it's showing today. Schauffele is tearing it up.
  10. Seems right that this tournament should start the return of fans to the course. The buzz for week was on PR and the USGA’s and R&A’s areas of interest. So, It’ll be nice to get back to live golf and of course all the WM commercials. I’m rooting for Fowler and Schauffele this week.
  11. It’s always golf time. Just need the proper footwear, spikes snowshoe, or in Western WA a kayak. Switching to a tennis ball is optional.
  12. if not available then yeah I’d try to go in shifts. Goal is to get as much snow gone before people trample all over and turn it to ice.
  13. I don’t think anyone is “emotional.” It’s historical implications versus look at it for what it is. History can cloud judgement but sometimes for good reasons. In this case, what it is, is a non-issue.
  14. It can’t be cleaned when you are checking to see if its embedded or not. Once embedding is confirmed, then you can clean it.
  15. Not all the time. Well hit shots or shots in the general “good” playing area, they are usually picking up the tee of doing something before the ball touches the ground. When hit towards hazards or tracking the pin, they’ll watch closely. I’d say amateurs likely watch their ball more often than pros.
  16. We could go out today and play in our 3in of rain. Rule in effect would be standing water more than embedded though. I laughed at that one too. I mean hasn’t balls moving on a green been a consistent topic before and they still don’t get it? Sad really.
  17. I have mixed feelings. Ultimately, if he and whomever never saw a bounce, then it's reasonable/somewhat normal to see if it plugged. So, he's ok here from the rules. Now to plugging on a bounce. In Western WA, we are known for being consistently wet and soft in winter. Courses definitely differ for plug potential. Some courses, there will never be a bounce this time of year, you will only see the top 1/8in of a ball in the fairway. Normal cut rough, maybe half ball in. Long fescue like grass, almost never, unless it's in a puddle. Other courses, like mine, you could be dry in one sp
  18. I’m not sure how long is considered “MUCH longer” but I definitely have a longer back swing than I could. It’s something that’s on the to do list.
  19. Interesting results today. I finally dedicated some time to warm up and take this seriously. Fastest red was 131, blue 137, green 141. I needed to relax my arms more and keep them as relaxed as i can while tossing the clubhead. Nice to get the heavier weights moving a bit faster. Edit- Thought I could get green a bit faster so took a couple extra swings and got it to 143 for a new high with it.
  20. Been a while since I last posted an update. Full swing is feeling good. Right now, I am working on keeping my right hand stronger as it tends to get weaker if I stop paying attention. Then two main thoughts are hands low (which also applies to impact) and soft, straight trail arm. For me, that challenge helped quiet my lower body on the back swing, and I feel that I load better. If it gets away from me, I miss right. When I’m feeling good, I hit a very straight ball. One additional thought with long irons is to feel like I’m swinging up, as it helps shallow the club (took really big divot
  21. I use "Pismo Beach" often as my curse word. My dad always used that as a swear word in the car when I grew up. It has a nice punch to it. Oddly enough, I said it in a round one time with a family that grew up there. Got awkward for a moment but he liked the idea that his hometown was used as a curse word. 😁
  22. It’s about entertainment value for me. But then how does the LPGA become more so? Idk. I wonder how ratings moved in the event lexi first moved her ball on the putting green?
  23. Phil Mickelson denies helping gambler Billy Walters get commuted sentence from Donald Trump Donald Trump's White House said that Phil Mickelson was one of several who sponsored the move to commute Billy Walters' sentence. Maybe coming back to bite at him a little. He was named, along with Harmon, Feherty, and peter jacobsen as those who vouched for Walters for his release on the former president’s last day. His lawyer denied everything.
  24. @Double Mocha Manyou are not driving if we play Shuksan together, I am. 😁 My old course was cart mandatory and I try to drive every time. I trust almost no one, other than myself. The one time I regret driving was at Pinehurst 2. Definitely would’ve enjoyed the walk more. But had to have caddy/cart.
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