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  1. Trying to post a video but it is a mp4 and it says it is not allowed. Is there a way to convert it to another format?
  2. So how do you get that right knee back in position at impact?
  3. OK I am back after almost 4 years. Lots of major life events kept me from even picking up a club. I am taking lesson and what we have found is my right knee bends and straighten too much in the back swing. So my major problem is my circle of the swing never ends up in the same place resulting in fats, thins, shanks, and toe hits. My practice swing is good but when I get up to the ball and swing that right knee has a mind of its own. It seems ingrained into my swing. I should be able to post a video soon. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I am just starting these videos now. I have not picked up a club in two years. Lots of major life events got in the way. Which one of these video would help with the major problem I had that was trying to help the ball up and digging holes with the club? I am going to play in about two weeks and I want to be decent😁
  5. In month 4 of doing Wendler's 5-3-1 program with bodybuilding accessory work. Today was press day. Setting new PR's each week.
  6. Had a short game lesson with my coach. He found some bad flaws in my swing so we could not work on short game until I fix them. I was lifting my right heel in my back swing and jutting my right knee out on the down swing. I also was moving my left knee too far toward the ball on my back swing. He had a PVC gadget that sits on the ground in front of my knees and told me not to hit it with my knees on my back or down swing. I made one at home and have been practicing with it. Swing feels more compact now.
  7. Had a really good lesson with my coach. Has me really coming from the inside. I was draw/hooking everything at the end of the lesson. For the last couple weeks after the lesson I have been practicing every day in my cage. I find this much better than going to the range maybe every other week. I played a round last weekend. I am really hitting the ball much firmer and getting better distance. I was on or near GIR on almost every hole. My short game and putting were not good so my score did not reflect my improvement. I am going the get a short game lesson next time I see my coach
  8. I am assuming you would put the word golf with those terms. right?
  9. I have a favor to ask. I have taken over maintenance and marketing for a friends website. What search terms would you use on your favorite search site to look for information on how to get fit, strong, and mobile for golf?
  10. Has anyone read this book by Brandon Stooksbury? I heard him on the Golf Strategy Podcast and it sounds interesting. He thinks analytical like I do.
  11. Can someone show me how to analyze my swing plane on video with things like elbow lines and such.
  12. I am going to what my coach calls Oversee Practice Friday. We will see if he thinks I am improving.
  13. I have not been on the course in more than a month. You are correct It will not be proven to be effective till I am on the course or the range. I did it on my Android tablet.
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