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  1. I am still trying to figure out when Phil became a righty (referring to MVMACs post of pics).....
  2. Here is a pic of some of the ball tools that SC has released over the last few years to annex my previous post:
  3. I think just the design looks cool. I don't know that I would buy it, but it certainly aesthetically appealing. Scotty Cameron actually has a ball tool that acts as an alignment tool as well as a ball marker. I can't seem to get on the TCC website to grab a pick, but it's the same idea. He provides instructions along with the tool itself.
  4. Good Luck!! Watching the last round of Qschool is one of my favourite events to see every year.
  5. Looks like you are casting the club to me. Probably losing some power because of it. Maybe work on getting your hands to the ball before the head of the club - leading with the hands through impact.
  6. I watched the premier show and really enjoyed it. Definitely going to watch the show and see how it progresses. He was on the morning drive and made a comment that the show is a living and breathing thing, so it will be interesting as to where they take it. I happen to like Feherty, whether his lines are scripted or not, he's good for a laugh. I love his comparisons to completely random, off the map things in life. Takes a lot of character to draw some of his comparisons.
  7. I have a driver with the i-Mix setup. I just align the chevrons and tighten it every once in a while.
  8. I have been drinking Creemore Spring Kellerbier lately...love the taste and it's only around for a short time.
  9. Scotty Cameron Head covers for my woods/hybrids....
  10. Just my 2 cents: 1. No cell phones on the course, even for texting. I bring my phone with me for emergencies only. I am out there to play golf not to text or follow tweets. I agree to a point. 2. No hats on backwards. Agreed...not sure why the hat would be backwards, not what it was designed for. 3. No women before 10 a.m. on weekends. I prefer to play behind most woman groups because 8 times our of 10 they aren't messing around. 4. No collarless
  11. how was it getting off topic?..... You just reiterated what two of the posts previously said?! AND he knew he was SHANKING it, because it was in his title, he just didn't want to say it as some people don't like hearing or reading that word out of fear...and from a recovering Sh$&nk-aholic; I don't blame them. Sorry....back to the topic at hand....
  12. Currently I am addicted to HBO! I have been trying to catch up on Deadwood (I think I have tried to watch episode 3 and falling asleep every time) and a new show called Game of Thrones. I have watched HBO series before but I would have to borrow / rent / buy the series...now I can watch them as they are on TV. I don't watch a lot of TV but when I do, I like it to be good.
  13. Why would you want to setup with your legs straight? There should be some flex in them so you are in an athletic position. If you want to figure out if you are standing too close or not, try this. Setup to the ball like you normally would without a club. Let you arms hang freely and then grip the club. This should be how you setup to the ball. As for hitting the ball with your hoooozelle it it probably because you are casting in the down swing and coming over the top. Causing the wrong part of the club getting to the ball first. I am no teacher, and it may be worth what you paid
  14. Congrats Norman...I will certainly be following and rootin' for ya!! Can't wait to hear some stories after the season is done!!
  15. Congrats on the great win. Being in the winners circle gives you the right to brag. Hopefully your success continues.
  16. I wonder what men's night is like around there? Hookers and blow for everyone?!
  17. Yeah man it really works...I was skeptical at first, but it certainly works. I can honestly say that I am stronger, I have better endurance and just feel better all around. I know this sounds a bit commercially, but I honestly believe this thing works. I am sure if you dedicate yourself to any sort of program you are going to see results. For the muscle confusion, you do a certain exercises for three weeks, recovery week (which still includes some core stuff and other cardio exercises) and then a different pattern of exercises, etc. They are tough workouts....especially the Plyometri
  18. My workout consists of P90x. I have been following that program and using the eating plan from Mens Health Belly Off and I have been able to shed 16 pounds in 8 weeks. I have played once and have noticed a significant change in my fitness on the golf course.
  19. You can play simultaneously or one at a time. Pretty cool, seeing your partners lines for their shots.
  20. Which I have a problem with. It really bothers me that you pretty much have to pay double to get all of the courses. BS if you ask me.
  21. I am certainly interested in some Online SandTrap Tournies....My gamertag is Quinner06 (surprise, surprise! ) Just send me a PM on her e first or send a message with the request so I don't delete you.
  22. Ahhhh...a little spa help you can take care of that "Big T". I am glad you found one that works for you! Enjoy your Scotty!
  23. I am a little late to the party here. For what it's worth, I would have suggested the Kombi-S if you like mallets. It's like the regular Kombi but smaller and made of the same metal as the SS Series. Enjoy the new scotty!
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