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  1. I said a bit of both, because I am rather aggressive off the tee, but rather conservative with my approach shots. My game might be a little better if I played the other way around, but I feel like I am finally learning how to play this game. So I have been getting better with my course management...just have to get better at it.
  2. Take a short game lesson and stick with it. If you want to drop strokes you are going to see the most benefit from getting better from 100 yards and in. I would stick with the whites, there's no point in making the game any more difficult than it already is with backing up, and playing from the reds probably won't help that much as you are not hitting clubs you won't normally be hitting when you decide to play from the whites. Playing different tees isn't necessarily going to drop your handicap....practice, the short game and getting off the tee (to eliminate penalty strokes). This is just
  3. I say 360 for two reasons - 1 - I own a 360 and a Wii and personally I like the sharper graphics on the 360 when playing sports games. 2 - When I play vids, I don't like the idea of having to "exercise" to do it. I play vids to relax and veg, I play golf, basketball and workout for exercise.
  4. I am totally stoked for this game...haven't looked forward to a golf game like this in a LONG time.
  5. You are absolutely right, you don't put any bag with the legs facing out. The bag you are using is designed for carrying or even using a push cart. So the "common sense" way to put your clubs in the bag would be to start with your driver in the top stop (the slot farthest from the legs) and insert the clubs that follow down the side. Similar the way you have it just in reverse. With that said, there are plenty of people who set up their bag like yours (I personally don't understand it), so I wouldn't worry about it. You really only need to look at a number of the other postings to u
  6. I would say the comparatives are the following: Callaway Tour i Srixon Z-Star Bridgestone Tour B330 Taylormade Penta All of these balls are probably going to be pretty close. If you can see if your local club fitter can arrange a ball fitting and make sure they start from the green.
  7. I think it's hilarious. I guess depending on what area it's posted in, people may take more offense to it than in other areas. They were probably banking on negative publicity using this type of riske humor.
  8. I haven't seen any evidence that Arnie is seeking out special treatment for his grandson. Perhaps the tournament sponsors grant Sam's request simply because he's Arnies grandson, and not because Arnie is requesting it. A lot of speculation with no evidence.
  9. Knowing how to play in tournament golf is essential to making it, IMO. I don't think he had enough experience with this and it probably hurt him a great deal. The reason why the pros can do it during a tournament is because they grew up playing in tournaments. Anyone who plays in tournaments for the first time can attest that how you play is often very different from how you play during a normal round. It takes some practice in tournament conditions to train yourself that you need to stick to your game. I think he would have needed a significant amount of tournament play before he would h
  10. That's awesome! How did you get on Nona to play? Do you have any other pics?
  11. My apologies for my ignorance on this rule, as I find it rather confusing. I thought it was just professional tournaments that require the new grooves unless otherwise stipulated by the tournament committee. Have the college ranks implemented this rule as well? Have you checked with the college / university that you are going to ensure that you need to make this switch?
  12. I see your point and agree to some extent, but I wasn't aware that others didn't respect him. Have there been tour players coming out saying that they don't like the fact that he gets to play in some of the events or if he was someone else's grandson he wouldn't be playing in those events? I equate this to a father getting his son a job at his work by pulling some strings. Sometimes it's who you know...right now I don't have huge problem with it.
  13. Quinn07

    Mini Tour Play

    Great news! Good luck!
  14. I think he means a "made for" shaft. And for what it's worth the new titleist drivers have stock Diamana shafts. Stock refers to not having to pay an upgrade charge.
  15. Google is a wonderful thing - http://www.mizunoforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t;=1179
  16. I like to use a fairly large one as I like to wet one end because I don't wear a glove and it helps to get the oils and such off when sweating in the heat. I prefer to use the bath towels myself, only because I don't find the "golf" towels that name brand companies put out big enough and usually too expensive.
  17. For my learning style video is a must. What I feel is happening and what is actually happening often are very different. For me to properly implement something I need to learn it visually first and then get the correct feeling. Video is very helpful for me to know what the correct positions feel like as opposed to the improper ones.
  18. I play the Callaway ORG 14 bag from 2010. Love the bag, looks close enough to a staff bag but fits on my clicgear better. When I am not pushing I use a Sun Mountain 3.5 Grey and yellow.
  19. Quinn07

    Mini Tour Play

    Hey Ben, Wanted to see if there is any news on the injury or if you have been playing at all?
  20. Unless a check came with them, I wouldn't wear them...and it would have to have a number greater than 1 with a few zeros behind it.
  21. What has made this whole matter worst is that they now have a TV Commercial.
  22. I love all the comments about why Phil didn't go for it. I am sure if he had gone for it the same people would be saying - typical Phil tried for the hero shot again and couldn't pull it off. He made the decision that would give him the best shot to win the tournament or head to a playoff. Bones said it himself that it was a 10 second decision. Moves like that is why we are here spending hours on a forum and they are out there making millions and playing a game they love. From the results of the shot it looks like he probably had a higher percentage shot of making than people are willing
  23. Surprisingly I agree with Sean . Knowing the way Phil is, if he thought he had a slightly better chance at making eagle going for it, he certainly would have. Still awesome to watch.
  24. Man it was good to watch phil playing good golf again. He's just an exciting player to watch, I mean who else has their caddy tend the flag while he is hitting a 72 yard approach shot that needs to go in to get into a playoff. Then he stuffs it and it actually looked like it could have had a chance. Certainly a fun weekend of golf! Can't wait to watch phil this season.
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