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  1. Yep.....he would not need that huge squat with a shorter driver. He would hit it straighter and just as far. TW has a vicious transition at the top with the longer graphite drivers. He sucks right now compared to 10 years ago. Haney needs to be off the payroll, TW needs to spend $300 on a good camcorder and fix it himself. The guy is currently the 2nd best ever to play the game, he's smart and should fix it himself. I wouldn't take a free lesson from Haney.
  2. Very Impressive......but on a par 70 course? How tough was the course? He hasn't done much in "real" events.
  3. Who knows with Tiger?? If his macho man ego is shredded he might never get back to top form and get Jack's record. Who knows what is going on in his head.
  4. Buy one of the local goat tracts and turn it into a first tee program with basketball and tennis courts....the county I am in does not have one. Pay off debts for me and family buy a flats boat Safe Investments in CD's and a 1/4 to good dividend paying stocks (Duke Energy did well for me) and maybe a few preferred stocks. Family....Golf...and Fishing would fill the schedule.
  5. Well said !!!! He might be more accurate off the tee with that swing change....probably lose too much distance though.
  6. I am sure Tiger will arrive at Haney's Golf Camp this morning, Hank will have 730 balls all teed up in nice little rows....Tiger will be swinging and Hanky will be just muttering the same words after every backswing......." around"...." swing.......arrrrouuuunnnddddd"..... WTF ! Has Haney improved anyones game, or just runined it !!!! Barkley...Romano.......Tiger? Tiger needs to go with a younger teacher.........Matt Killean maybe?
  7. +1 Driving distance on the PGA tour doesn't mean squat. Tiger want's to be the "longest"....but is not.....sorry T Dubs... Warmest Regards, Phil, Bubba, Dustin, JB, etc....
  8. Many Long Drive guys are very good golfers......which is a far cry from being on the nationwide tour. Just building your game on one club ,,,,around launch angles, shaft dynamics...etc... Is not tournament golf. Still waiting for the great Jack Hamm show up at a Long Drive, or PGA Event....I've heard that if he could just three putt he would make 1 mil a year on the tour!!! POW !!!
  9. 1st - Watney 2nd - A. Romero 3rd - Fowler
  10. Thanks for the stats, that cleared it up for me. B. Watson - win - (He's got to win sometime...right?) Choi - place W. Mackensie (sp?) - show
  11. It's awesome when TW is in the field. I hope he doesn't straighten out the driver though, those nasty 60 yard snap hooks off the tee are fun to watch!
  12. Id say Phil has the most talent when he gets on a 3 or 4 hole hotstreak.
  13. Just a slump, no idea why he is changing his grip? At the Transitions Championship he (Sergio) signed a few autographs on the way to the practice tee in the morning...Those who walked by..... include our Ryder Cup Captain Corey Pavin (what a tool) and Zach Johnson. BTW...there was only about 8 people wanting auto's in the early morning, including my 13 year old son. I was the 9th and stood way back...I grew out of auto's about 30 years ago. Bet money on the Euro's this year....Our captain has the personality of a empty bottle of beer.
  14. At the Masters he looked like a contestant in the ReMax Long Drive competition. It was obnoxious how hard he was going at it off the tee....it was funny. Let's cut to the chase boys....he is an egomaniac, he want's to be "the man" on the course and in the sack. Until he keeps his driver in his pants he will still be chasing Jack's record. And I for one don't care about Jack's record or Tiger breaking it.
  15. Three Putt

    Jerry Rice

    +1 His swing is terrible.....Big sway on the backswing and follow through (plus that funky right foot deal on the follow through). If he wasn't a decent ballstriker I would say he's a 12 hcap. 2 hcap my ass. However....with his work ethic and if he teamed up with Butch Harmon he could be very good, maybe a decent mini tour player. I ain't going to bash him, he's dedicated to this game we love, best of luck to him.
  16. Best of Luck to You! Also look at Hurricane Golf Tour, not many events in your area though. With your hcap you should look at FCWT, behind AJGA events I think college scouts look at this tour pretty good. One current PGA touring pro (forgot his name) really supports it. My 13 yr old plays in the GTJGA (Greater Tampa Junior Golf Assoc.), we plan on doing some Premier Junior Tour events and a few FCWT events next year. Ryuji Imada played in the GTJGA, and we get some Leadbetter Academy and Saddlebrook Academy players often playing in it. Might want to give the GTJGA a look, it's $50 for year membership and the 18 hole tournaments are only $30...trophies, lunch,etc.. Good competiton in your age group, winner is usually low 70's or a stroke or 2 under par, play top notch courses in the Tampa area.
  17. Try..... FCWT Premier Junior Tour and of course AJGA
  18. His swing was awful. Almost looked like a 10 handicapper in a 4 man scramble swinging out of his shoes on every tee shot?!?! Dude hits with a lot of anger and rage....
  19. No, he's already leaning on his back. Watson will finish higher than Boom Boom
  20. What a GREAT first round!!!!!!!! Nuff said!!!
  21. Late by 50 minutes or so....already posted in grill room suckas !!! It belongs in grill room....talk about an over the top insult to the IQ !!!!!!!
  22. Whites whenever possible. They are my little personal ATM machine.
  23. Masters.com They have a featured group from 10:30 till 7:45.......(Phil's group on Thursday?) They have Amen Corner and #15 and #16 live most of the day. The coverage was awesome last year at Masters.com....better than TV. No Commentary!
  24. Yes....a bit odd. I'm over the Earl - Tiger - Matrix - Chosen One....deal ! He aint going to win.....T4 is my prediction
  25. I'm thinking Paddy and Tiger coming down to the wire. I think Phil will have the low round of the week but not get it all hooked up. Cabrerra is a flat out gamer in the big ones and should be a factor. Paddy playing a pretty full schedule on US turf this year makes me think he is going to hook up the engine to the pavement this week.
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