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  1. dennyjones

    Winter Depression Thread

    We are predicted to have -26° chill factor tonight. Anybody want to trade?
  2. dennyjones

    Putting as You Age

    Seniors have enough to worry about...now this...
  3. dennyjones

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    Some of the seniors that I play racquetball with just rent a place in Florida that is completely furnished. I do know people that buy a place in a warm climate with the intention of renting it out during the winter months which actually covers their expenses for the place.
  4. dennyjones

    "The Comics" Thread

    Found a kindle book called "Golf Swing Power - How to increase your golf swing distance 10x and hit it farther than ever before by Steven Franco
  5. dennyjones

    Golf Ball in the Ocean

    People make a living retrieving water logged golf balls. A couple of years ago we went to play at a course that has many holes around a big lake and a diver was coming up with an athletic bag full of golf balls. He said his van was packed from top to bottom.
  6. dennyjones

    Hi from CA

    Welcome to TST.
  7. dennyjones

    Let's Talk about Grips

    I have buyer's remorse. With my new clubs I went in wanting Pure grips. I let the fitter change my mind and ended up with the CP2 Pro grips. They are a good grips but I wish I had stuck with the original plan and went with the Pure.
  8. dennyjones

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    My wife and I are in the same boat but rowing a different direction. My children have left Michigan but my wife's mother is failing in health. I want to be a snow bunny when it's feasible but we haven't decided where or for how long. You can't beat Michigan from May thru mid-October but I'd like to golf year round eventually. We've checked out Asheville, NC and it's nice, just not for us, especially during the winter. Our next visit may take us to Lake Havasu, AZ. We are just looking for some place nice, less expensive than San Diego and warm during the winter months. Whatever works for you, keep us informed...🏌️‍♂️
  9. dennyjones


    Definitely. I'm not sure I'd spend the $$ on Pro but Live is definitely worth the money.
  10. dennyjones

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    My Eureka moment came with a Mastercard. Put it back in the wallet and don't buy any more swing gadgets! Instead use it for lessons.
  11. This. But if you want to get in better shape w/o going to a gym start climbing stairs, lots of stairs. You'll be surprised the difference it will make in your leg strength.
  12. dennyjones

    Since Everyone Is Imitating Choi Ho-sung...

    Get off of my lawn~! Sorry, I thought I was reformed... I enjoyed seeing the videos and believe he will bring viewers to TV just to see something different.
  13. dennyjones

    Why Golf Shoes Don't Last

    How many rounds do you believe this covered? That's great you are getting in that much exercise. I use a shoe tree in all of my golf shoes to help extend their life. I don't know if it does but it helps me believe it.

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