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  1. @DaveP043, That's why I posted. I remember you were trying to find a really old thread.
  2. Good luck with your search. You may also consider a hybrid club or two instead of the less lofted clubs. There is a distinct difference in not only clubs but shafts as well. The Rogue X are easy to hit but if you don't like it, don't buy it. Your choice should be selfish. Whatever you buy should be your choice and what's best for you. It's not uncommon to have different wedges than irons and hybrids/woods/driver. My set includes Callaway driver, woods and hybrids, Taylormade irons and Callaway wedges. If you can get spin rates, why not get fitted?
  3. Is this a record for reviving an old thread?
  4. We are watching the neighbor's dog while they go on a cruise. They used Skiplagged and flew from Grand Rapids, MI to Orlando for a little over $200. They are returning in 10 days the same airline again for a reduced rate.
  5. I don't but by looking at their website they do have many options from many different club / shaft manufacturers. Good luck and make sure to give us the details of your fitting. We love to live vicariously thru other golfer's wallets!
  6. Did you see that today Group Golfer is offering Leslie Park for $23? I played it last year with Terry on a Sunday and they charged $47. I did see the Washtenaw Golf Club but like you said, it was sold out a long time ago.
  7. I use two hands for 4 and above. The courses I play rarely have anything about a 4.
  8. New for 2019. Lesson on Golf Some of the golf isn't much of a deal but there are some that are worthwhile
  9. Tell us how you really feel...This is your Tin Cup?
  10. Thanks. I misunderstood. I've never had an issue because I don't use my phone during a round.
  11. Low Power Mode? Your phone? Does the Live version have a low Power Mode I'm missing?
  12. Welcome to TST. I don't have a Taylormade driver but maybe soon somebody will respond.
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