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  1. You never know about other people and their issues until you step into their shoes. It was very brave of him to share this. This will help others that may be suffering from the same or similar issue.
  2. It is Full Swing. It has other sports besides golf. I was there today and watch some kids throw dodge balls at zombies. First impression. The distances aren't real accurate. I've never hit a 4H 200 yards but today that was normal. There were some shots that seemed right for distances but maybe they had the "boost" set up to help everyone's ego. I believe I did see that option when we set up the game today. Whatever, I enjoyed myself (played very well) during this cold nasty drizzle.
  3. This is why I guessed Oak. These are our oak cabinets.
  4. I'll find out. I know they use E6 software. I was able to play Otsego Golf Course on it Monday. That's highly unusual to play a Michigan course on a simulator.
  5. This is true. Conversely, since I started with TheGrint, I don't have access to GHIN.
  6. Welcome to TST. Nice introduction. We're glad to have you join and participate. You'll find Snell balls tend to be one of the favorites here and on other forums. Do a quick search on Dean Snell and you'll be impressed with his background, knowledge and his golf balls.
  7. Usually during the winter I join the Davison Athletic Club to use their 3 hitting bays but because of Covid-19, they aren't taking any new members. I had the opportunity to play Sugarbush 10/23. (Very nice and very challenging course) They are putting some big bucks into their club house, renovating the menu and adding 3 simulators. Since I didn't have a winter plan to stay active, I decided to ask about their winter membership. They have a winter membership from November 1st thru March 31st. Their winter membership cost $600 ($500 if paid by 10/31). At $30/hr it doesn't take long to recoup the cost. I decided this was a great deal to keep active and purchased the membership. I was/am looking forward to using the simulator to play the many courses but also the "range" to work on my swing. Yesterday they had their "renovations open house". I left a long hike with our Meet-up group early to make the open house and when I walked in they asked if I wanted to sign up to use the simulators and enter the give away drawing. Within minutes I was the proud winner of a "winter membership"! I now have two memberships. My golf partners live about 30 minutes away and decided they wouldn't use it enough to justify their drive. With my membership they can play whenever I play at no cost anyway. Go figure! I'm going to enjoy the winter using the simulators.
  8. He's putting in the work. 211 mph ball speed is very impressive.
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