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  1. I'm a freaking Spanish teacher and I know the maths are wrong for that guy lol....or should I say "jajajajaja"
  2. I low-key object to the "US" being included, as this one is truly "The" Open and the other one is "the british open"
  3. I guessed 1964, maybe something about a wartime thing but IDK
  4. It makes me wonder if putting on weight was necessary for Bryson to get longer? Could he have made all these distance gains with just speed training?
  5. Weight forward, my mans. That alone will help with the massive OtT move. Look at your left hip in relation to the molding on the doorway behind you in that first caddy view video.
  6. Mori's girlfriend is an absolute smokeshow also...
  7. I like Collin. Share (kinda) the same name, good looking kid, skinny waisted, beautiful swing, bombs it. What's not to like?
  8. I think he plays too much curve on his ball. But I can be wrong
  9. No suggestions other than to say one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my life was from Guam. Carry on.
  10. Don't you have a 2 and a 3 iron that you've said you hit well?
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