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  1. :shrug Play faster. You get what you get. Slow play penalty costs player cut (and paycheck) at Women's PGA
  2. Missed 3 footer to tie?? That's muy rough...
  3. On our local news here in Albany. He lived well tho, septuagenarian with two teenagers. Poor kids.
  4. Something called Cronos, which has been absolute shite.
  5. Had to look that up lol
  6. I have a couple of weed stocks, a foil gum wrapper, and some belly button lint to play with in Robinhood
  7. Not really a fan, but he's a huge influence on many of the metal guitarists I do listen to, along with Yngwie and Blackmore and Morse.
  8. I played Atunyote a million years ago, enjoyed it until my last hole, uphill birdie putt from about 13 feet stopped an inch below the hole and then slowly trickled all the way back down to my feet
  9. Seriously, WTF with the amount of time you all have...I sometimes am still pulling my shorts on running to the first tee. Most of the time I'm changing in the car whilst driving. Grip it and rip it and hope I don't miss it.
  10. Just a random thought that I wish courses would change up the colors of their tees - in order of shortest to longest: blue, white, pink, brown.
  11. We have many parallel running holes, so it's almost always possible to bean someone
  12. Y'all got more time than I'd know what to do with LOL
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