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  1. How is it possible for The 🐐 to putt as badly as he did? He looked amateurish. SAD!!!
  2. Oof...I think he's gonna have another long tough day
  3. He and I both played today...only one of us didn't have a 4 putt....
  4. @onthehunt526 is a big Tour Edge guy, or at least he used to be.
  5. colin007

    ARod WitB

    And a women's club??? I thought this was hilarious
  6. Good. I hope it's the reason why he ended with 4 bogeys. DeChambeau given slow-play warning in Dubai After receiving a slow-play warning, Bryson DeChambeau closed his Dubai...
  7. Ohhh....gotcha. I didn't have the sound on.
  8. I see activated glutes, but that's just me 😉
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