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  1. Lack of knowledge as to proper use of cart. When I play with some friends there may be one or two shots that need hard searching. Given golfers a, b, c, d with a,b and c,d paired, everyone hits and everyone watches everyone else's tee shots. a and b will drive to whichever ball is most convenient and that player will get out, take the club they want or spend a few seconds at cart deciding, then take said club and the next club (usually a wedge of sorts) and his/her putter. The other will then drive to his/her ball and play the hole with the cart and park near the green. c and d do likewise. We wave arms overhead and use both arms in a come hear manner if extra help is needed. If some help is needed: depending on convenience either a/b or c/d will play his/her shot then hop in the cart and look for said ball or deliver a club. We also keep an eye out to what others are doing in the group. We aren't the best players in the world (shoot in the 90s-115s) but we know how to keep it moving. Combine this with playing provisionals where needed and you may be waiting on the group ahead. Having some situational awareness and a bit of preparation goes a long way.
  2. I finally understand picking unknowns for second and third picks now. My picks got left by the wayside when others after me picked them to win. Now I have to rely completely on my first choice, which really isn't that hard to believe considering somebody usually gets the winner with his first pick. However, it would be nice to have a small insurance policy. Anywho, good luck to everyone who gets in before the deadline.
  3. Because I'm a big giant ***** that is too scared to have a differing opinion from random people I know nothing about. Also, I do not have much golf knowledge.
  4. Rory McIlroy -12 Martin Kaymer -10 Ian Poulter -8
  5. I use a smiley face. Keeps me laughing and takes my mind off the previous shot. If I am feeling lazy a straight line under the number does the trick.
  6. Phil Mickelson -2 Kuchar E Mahan E
  7. Mickelson : -15 Mahan : -14 Woods : -13
  8. jcorfive

    Saddest par?

    Had a downhill 505 yd par 5. Absolutely smoked my drive, then proceeded to hit an awesome three iron shot. Left myself pin high, only trouble was I happened to be about 20yds away from the hole and there was a bunker between the green and myself. Hit one more sweet shot; a pitch that landed on the fringe and proceeded to roll within 2 feet of the pin. Feeling pretty damn good and slightly pompous I walked up to the flagstick drawing my putter out of my bag. I didn't bother to take the bag off. Missed the putt. Tapped in for par.
  9. jcorfive

    2010 Ryder Cup

    The ones with the white stripes around the arms/leg and at the pockets? They should be replaced IMO. I think those look terrible.
  10. Wow! What a beaut of a course. I can't wait to watch it on the television. With those pictures hole #8 looks exactly like hole #2, are they not the same hole?
  11. I remember a commentator during the playoff saying that Bubba would make it with either a win or a loss.
  12. When he first pointed to the shadow/sliver of light I thought he was pointing to his grounding the club. What a cruddy way to go out. Gut wrenching way to have another major slip through your hands. Added: Way to react like a true professional Dustin. Go, Bubba!
  13. Check the weather out just to see if I should be prepared to get wet. Other than that; no thunder, no problem.
  14. My vote is for Harrington. Have to vote for my favorite. Would not mind at all if Furyk won. I expect a good showing for him. Would love to see McIlroy continue his awesome play last Sunday into this week's tournament. Would also love to see Couples do well and Mickelson in contention. Paul Casey, Lee Westwood, Tim Clark, Adam Scott and Mike Weir would be my other hopeful picks. Ha, tough to choose, but, for number one, I'll stick with Harrington.
  15. I also love fixing pitch marks. It usually means I had a nice shot. I fix whatever other ones I can if the time allows. I really hate to see greens that are beat to death. Its not fun to putt on and it looks like crap.
  16. People that don't use turn signals. People that don't use the turning lane to slow down. People who hang out in doorways, unless no one else is around / People who walk slow in the middle of a walking area. People who chew with their mouths open. People who look over my shoulder while I am reading something that I am not specifically showing them. People that don't courtesy wave in traffic. People talking at full volume/that feel the need to talk about facebook, opinions and gossip in the library.
  17. Its as though the ball were never there. Or like someone said, hitting a rubber ball (such as an I-got-it ball). It seems as though the ball just jumps right off the club face and I can feel the club head cutting through the turf with a slight resistance, but great ease. It feels completely effortless and I know immediately that it is going to be a great shot.
  18. I have an 18 hole par 3 course near me that is open at night. I believe the last group can tee off at 10 p.m. There are lights on the course and as long as you are not too far off the green finding your ball isn't too much of a problem. It is quite a blast. One of my local clubs also has a night golf tournament that I know of. The groups get some high-powered search type lights and a flashlight for each golfer. I don't know anything of it other than that, however.
  19. jcorfive

    Brian Davis

    It is a cruddy way to have to end a tournament but, that is how the rule was written. Making it a one stroke penalty because it seems like a ridiculous way to end a tournament only undermines the rules. Good to see him call that on himself though. There is a good chance it would have gone unnoticed otherwise.
  20. I tried it on the course once. 18th tee actually. Had one of the old Taylor Made Bubbles from when they came out. I made great contact with the ball. Crushed it. Only problem was that I made great contact with the ball and hosel of the driver where it meets the head. Crushed that part of the driver. Another swing sent the head of the driver down the fairway. Last time I will try that with a club I like.
  21. I second that nomination. This cup was one of the first time I was able to watch a bit of match play for more than a few holes. I love the strategic element hole by hole and then overall for the match. It makes for some very exciting golf when one bad shot can cost you a hole that you might not be able to get back easily. Even the 4-5 foot 'gimmes' become more pressure filled and challenging.
  22. He had better be, he's my favorite golfer on tour.
  23. Most of my hated ones were already stated before somewhere. Ones I do like are 'chirping' after I hit a G.I.R. Unfortunately I get to use it as often as I would like. I also am fond of ..'in jail' and 'handcuffed' for troubles and I try to bring out stymied as much as possible as I don't hear it used too often (for trouble though, not your opponent's ball blocking yours). Often times I overuse 'what did I do wrong?' when I hit an excellent shot.
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