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  1. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    Yea, it was pretty odd how well the Patriots defense played during key stretches of their last five games of the season considering how bad they looked at times earlier in the year. Of course when it really mattered, they were totally prepared. But the Pats were really bad against covering running backs, so I'm just surprised the Rams didn't attack that at all. What in the world was wrong with Todd Gurley? He was obviously hurt despite what Sean McVay keeps saying, but I was sure Gurley would've had his knee scoped by now, and yet it hasn't happened. Bizarre. Anyway, now we're nearing that time of year where I brace myself for the sequence of garbage moves the Jets always make each offseason. I assume they're gonna end up somehow mortgaging the next five years on a totally bloated Le'Veon Bell contract where he inevitably declines within two season. Ugh in advance.
  2. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    Yea, I really thought Sean McVay was the guy who would crack the code too, so it definitely surprised me when he just didn't adjust. I hope he learned something, but I guess we'll have to see next year how his coaching tendencies change, if at all. The three points they ended up scoring was certainly a shocker. I was confident that the under would come through, but 16 total points was pretty shocking to me.
  3. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    That's a good question and I would like to know the answer to that, so I actually googled around just now to see if I could find anything. McVay did say to the media after the game that he got outcoached, but that obviously could just be him trying to draw heat away from his players. Source Patriots obviously deserved to win and have all the respect, but it does sound like the Rams players themselves were seeing what was going on, but just couldn't execute given what the Patriots were doing, sort of like a rock beat scissors situation where no matter how hard you try, you're going to get beat. ....which is why I just cannot understand why the Rams did not keep their TEs in to account for this. It was useless to continue sending them on routes. Higbee and Everett are both receiving TEs too and having that roster makeup obviously left them ill-prepared to counter this even if they tried to, but they should've at least tried to. That's why I don't think this is on the Rams players as much as it is on McVay. The Rams defense certainly did a great job holding the Patriots to just 13 points as well. Anyway, it was an entertaining season even if this final game wasn't particularly exciting from a non-Patriots fan perspective. Edit: I guess I didn't answer your question, Vinsk, but it sounds like the players knew what was going on. Or at least Andrew Whitworth did. The Rams O is the Sean McVay show, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was all him.
  4. It's definitely cheap. But again, I'm fine with it and if it was me as the caddie, I would have accepted the 5K as the deal I made and not made a big stink about it. There's no way in hell if I got the opportunity to carry the bag for a PGA Tour player ranked in the top 40 in the world in a winnable event like this one where all the big names aren't in the field that I'm not making it very clear what the payouts for me will be in the event of a win. The guy didn't do that, and that's his own fault. Plus, he's almost definitely majorly overvaluing his contribution to the win too, and that also annoys me.
  5. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    That's a fair opinion certainly, but IMO the reason they lost was coaching, and the Rams players were let down, for the reasons I cited.
  6. No I'm definitely on Kuchar's side. Just because I would've tipped more than him doesn't mean I think everyone else should. That's just a personal choice on my part. I think the business agreement two parties make is more important here because honestly if the caddie tried to negotiate for 40K+ in the event of the win, I don't think Kuchar would have chosen him to carry the bag that week.
  7. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    Well that game was terrible... I actually thought the Rams were gonna win, but I was wrong. I was really surprised how poor the gameplan was honestly. Reviewing the film (since I sports bet), the Rams made two massive, obvious errors: They needed a blocking TE on the roster to stay in and add protection. It was a huge mistake to send the TEs on as many routes as they did. Secondly, Todd Gurley's usage, if he was in fact healthy like McVay keeps saying, was unforgivably bad. Regardless though, even if Gurley was banged up, the lack of targets to the RBs was the second biggest mistake they made. If Gurley was hurt, CJA should've gotten 5-8 targets in the flats, which would've sustained a few drives IMO. I'm sure anyone who reviews the film will see this too, and this was echoed by a few voices involved in coaching that I respect. But seriously, I can't believe McVay's game plan was not to adjust to the Patriots, but rather to just do what they always do and just try to out-execute. Okay, that's fine to start the game that way, but after 10 minutes, it should've been clear adjustments had to be made to counter the Patriots' pressure.
  8. I'm 100% on Matt Kuchar's side for the many many reasonable points made by others in this thread. And I'm someone people would probably consider an overly generous tipper, to a fault. Regardless of that, these two men negotiated a deal, and that should be that. Plus, IMO caddies are overrated as hell. The ones on tour who map greens, know their players' games, and actually do serious prep for are one thing, but some random guy who just carried a bag? And have you guys ever heard Bones or Steve Williams talk about the game? Their heads are so filled with old wives tales and golf myths it's ridiculous. Anyway, if it was me, I probably would've tipped the guy an extra 40K, and yea it's a cheap move for Kuch not to have done that. But to shame the guy and essentially force him to shell out the cash is worse IMO.
  9. My guess would be having fun. The last thing you probably want is your five-year-old deciding that video games and cartoons are cooler than golf.
  10. He did get himself a sponsor's exemption to a PGA Tour event, so it's definitely raising his notoriety. Otherwise he'd just be another faceless tour pro ranked between 150 and 500 in the world. It might be interesting to know how his swing came to be that way over time, what it looked like when he first started, etc. I assume he's self taught, unless like Groucho Marx is his swing coach or something.
  11. His swing is totally standard until the finish. He has a Kenny Perry-esque shoulder-turn, then the downswing is straight up text book until deep into the follow-through when for some stupid reason he thinks it's funny to go insane with the drama. Honestly, I think he's kind of a jackass. Your impressions are hilarious though, Steve. But seriously, don't hurt yourself Edit: I guess he doesn't straighten his trail leg/turn his hips enough on the backswing, but otherwise, he looks pretty much like every tour player until the ridiculous finish.
  12. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    Thanks for the link. That’d be hysterical if their “solution” didn’t even address the controversy 🤣 Classic NFL.
  13. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    Haha, point taken. 😄
  14. Yea that’s a good scene. Definitely watch it, it’s very well done. “Now you got the edge on him.” This though is easily the most iconic scene in the entire movie, except for maybe the last scene: You definitely don’t need to watch this whole clip, but the walk thru the trenches and the final countdown is pretty epic.
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