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  1. Frustrating topic: when I see a course that clearly states no 5somes, I think a bit higher of that place. When they allow it, I go there less, but this course next to where I use to live would always have club play (various golf clubs by association, not by home course and club) in the morning. Last time my wife and I drive up to the on deck area, and one guy ahead of us says I hope your ready for a long day, I replied why? He states we are 6 groups ahead of you, and I reply well as long as everyone sticks to the group ahead of there will be no long day, just make sure your first group knows their responsibility. In the end we finished in 4:15
  2. Current Kirkland ball I’m hitting is the 3 piece made in China. Core, mantle, cover but the price was right so when I moved to an island with no Costco (nor McDonald’s, nor Home Depot and not even 1 stop light) I packed 3 boxes aka 6 dozen. Headed to Honolulu this weekend, maybe I’ll stop by and look for the new ball. Aloha, iSank
  3. I played a course in New Zealand that was 6 holes, So maybe 999,996 but I made my guess and I’m sticking to it.
  4. Lana’i has 45 so if that’s 45 holes for 3200 people than the world population being what it is, I’ll go with 985,915.5: the .5 is an inexcusably short par 3. Aloha, iSank
  5. I had an eagle on 2 consecutive days, same course different holes but both par 5s, long enough where I had never even made it to the green in 2 previously. It was a nice 3 days at Manele Golf on Lanai. But they were not HIO’s!
  6. I did when I was 13, in fact it was a school field trip about every 3 years right along with Fort Ticonderoga and Cornell glass co. Turning Stone is about an hour or so and I can easily say 2 of the 3 courses there are great. Wish that would have been a field trip. Aloha, iSank
  7. Hawaii Best Courses You Can Play 1. Kapalua (Plantation), Maui (No. 45 m) 2. Four Seasons Resort (Manele), Lanai (No. 65 m) 3. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel GC, Kona (m) 4. Princeville Makai, Kauai (m) 5. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Kailua-Kona (m) 6. Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa (Poipu Bay), Kauai (m) 7. Wailea (Gold), Maui (m) 8. Turtle Bay Resort (Arnold Palmer), Oahu (m) 9. Wailea (Emerald), Maui (m) 10. Kapolei GC, Kapolei (m) 11. Ocean Course at Hokuala, Kauai (m) 12. Kapalua (Bay), Maui (m) 13. Mauna Lani (North), Kona (m) 14. Wailua Municipal, Kauai (m) 15. Royal Ka’anapali, Lahaina (m)* *= new to list (m): modern (c): classic Well they are all pretty decent courses. A couple Big Island private clubs routinely take the top spots but the only we get to play those are if you bid on them in a charity auction. so for what’s listed. It’s just so happens that my two favorite courses that I love to play are the Plantation and Manele. Turtle Bay and Kapolei are over rated, while Mauna Lani and Hokuala are under rated. 14 and 15 do not even belong on the list. Also I would move Hualalai up to 3rd, that course is fantastic and just a good bit better than Mauna Kea and Princeville. And yes I have played each of them multiple times except the Muni on Kauai, I have been there many times at the course just never cared enough to play it. I have played the muni on Maui and that was worth it. Aloha, iSank
  8. Are you going thru Taco-stand withdrawal? Returning your shopping cart is appreciated by your peer shoppers. Last time vertical camping, absent of solo on WFLT, we had to rappel 1200 ft to get more beer. Since then I just like to keep moving. Hey I’m playing Turning Stone in a couple weeks, your welcome to join us, just a 2 ball my wife and I. Aloha, iSank
  9. Pretty cool story. You know Mom must trust her husband and friend to keep the young one tied in. 5 days is about average pace, I just wouldn’t like to get stuck behind them. Vertical camping is overrated, do everything in a push.
  10. Well it’s been a while but it’s still a solid video. When you climb El Cap, there is frequently a retired gentleman, Tom Evans, ElCap Reports ElCap Report by Tom Evans Reports of rock climbers ascending El Capitan in Yosemite. down by the bridge with some pretty impressive camera equipment. He’ll take some photos of you when you climb then you give him a few $$’s and he’ll give you a dvd full of your images. Before you take off he will encourage you to wear bright colors of which red is perfect. Greys, brown do not pick up well on a sea of granite. Alex took what a few hours? Took my buddy and I 23 hrs, and I was beat. Also Jimmy Chin is quite an incredible guy. Aloha, iSank
  11. Nice, look forward to hearing your thoughts on the courses. We are 3 weeks out from a CNY trip. We will hang with family mostly but will get away for a few games. We have 2 rounds secured at Turning Stone, and will play the rest as opportunities are presented. We will be in Skaneateles so Rochester courses would be a stretch but not that far away. It’s a haul but I think we will bring our clubs. Aloha, iSank
  12. Wow last post March? The spring into summer is my favorite time of the year. Yes the Masters, LPGA and PGA in full swing, Stanley Cup underway, College Baseball World Series, oh that nba soap opera has some good moments, just had the Monaco Grand Prix, just finished college D1 golf championships, Isle of Man TT (best race in the world) and now I am off work for 2 months. Golf games per week Up, miles on mountain bike Up, miles traveled Up. It’s the most wonderful time of year!
  13. I always feel that it’s not the course it's the way I’m playing the game so good to see two local tough ones with Koolau and Luana Hills. I enjoy Luana, and every time I feel I got my game together I’ll play Koolau which immediately humbles me. Tough course. New Year’s Day we played Titirangi GC in Auckland and that course ate me alive. Not sure when we will go back to NZ but when we do, I told my wife let’s play that course 2 days in a row. I hope I’m not a sadist. Aloha, iSank
  14. I could hand the iPad over to my wife, but I’ll just tell the story. We were playing together and on this 1 hole, the cart path stopped by the forward tees and I had to walk back to my tee. She stands in front of the cart and I make solid contact, except I pulled it, ball is headed right at her. She puts her arm up like wonder women, and the ball hits her forearm right on the bone, then continues to fly another 100 yards. She leans over her arm in pain, and it starts to swell, we head to the clubhouse to get ice and then head back to our position in the lineup, we missed 1 hole. She takes 1 more hole off and then gets back to the game and finishes the round. Later the ships doctor took an ex ray which showed no damage, so we just iced for the next day. She now stays well clear of my shots.
  15. Very cool trip! Thats some fun looking holes in the foto’s, thank you for sharing.
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