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    Pace Problem

    You are under no obligation to modify your game based on the suspected incompetence ( of said game) by the group behind you. If playing your intended shot has even a remote possibility of seriously injuring someone in the group in front of you...screw those jerks behind. If they knew you...they would know why you were waiting. And give the people behind you some credit. Why assume that they do not understand what the hold-up is?
  2. Absolutely. If you start the round with 12 balls, and finish with 15, you were 3 over for the day. Conversely, if you start with 12 and finish with 9...you are 3 under. In other words: the more time you spend looking for (and finding) golf balls...the worse you played. Hope this helps.
  3. If you have ever split wood, or swung a sledgehammer, you have experienced the forces involved. They do not translate, directly, because the end result is decidedly different. We do not attack the object, in golf, so much as propel it on its way. If you did have a 45 inch hammer you would not swing it like a 16 inch framer. The longer the swing is the longer it takes to unfold.
  4. Thanks @Bonvivant. I thought of a word today...qwertylogical. It means that the keys, in our heads, are there for a reason. Namely...it is to keep them from interfering with one another. We cannot be exactly the same despite our common language. That should not prevent us from communicating...but it does explain why we explain things differently. Far as driving a nail...I still have an image (from Bobby Jones via Walter Travis) of driving a tiny tack, flush, when putting.
  5. Any image that works is worth holding on to. I was a carpenter, and a very good one, but the image of driving a nail never made any sense to me. That is due to my experience. For someone who has not (I assume) spent 40 years driving nails...it may be helpful. For guys who make a living swinging a hammer it isn't a thing. Were it so...the best ball strikers would not be framing houses.
  6. Yeah. The thread about "How many pure shots do you hit per round?" needs an addendum: How many of those pure shots do you find?
  7. It depends on the course I am playing and the playing conditions. Today, four egg sample, I lost 4. The course was baked to an extent I've never experienced. A normal good shot might roll out forever. I hit 4 approach shots that disappeared into the ether. Fall is coming. When the course is covered in leaves we "lose" balls all the time: right down the middle...never see it again. Normally I direct one, or two, injudiciously. I'm okay with that.
  8. Make sure to hold your mouth right. It is a vital, and frequently overlooked, aspect to success in just about everything.
  9. Piz

    NHL 2019-20

    I met Gordie Howe...woo...woo..woo...I have his autograph...woo...woo...He shook my hand...woo...woo...woo. Hey...it works sometimes. And, by the way, he had beautiful penmanship.
  10. All the more reason to stalk them in the wild.
  11. How can a golf ball be unlike anything a golf ball manufacturer has brought to market before? And 346 dimples? Anyone with a modicum of education knows 345 makes more sense.
  12. If you have the same thought in your head every time you play the same shot it is no surprise that it turns out the same. Forget about what usually happens and envision something else. If the same thing happens you failed. If something else happens you succeeded. Golf is not about replicating your greatest shots ever. Golf is about playing fewer fluffs than you ordinarily do. That doesn't happen very often. Thinking about it only helps if you are thinking of something else.
  13. The only large people I've known, or witnessed, who had good golf swings (and hit it a mile) had very slow, simple, and elegant motions. They didn't seem to be in a hurry to do anything. F=MA. If you got you an abundance of M...you don't need you as much A.
  14. Thanks for the clarification @DaveP043.
  15. It is within the rules, to use a golf club as an alignment aid, so long as the club is picked up prior to playing the shot. One would think a golf cart, when used for alignment purposes, would have to be moved as well.
  16. A skulled sand wedge is a go-to shot for me. The trick is to look up before you make contact. A month ago I carded an eagle using just that technique.
  17. @Lexie Johnson...you are getting better. It will not always feel like you are. It will, on occasion, feel the opposite. This is your brain sorting thru, and trying to compartmentalize, the blizzard of mental and physical sensations incumbent in the golf swing. Going off the rails is discouraging but far from unusual. Everyone that cares about anything experiences confusion and doubt. You will get past this without knowing why...and cruise along, happily, until it happens again. That is what we all do. It is the price we agree to pay when we decide a game is important. P.S. You obviously have a talent, and love, for the game. Do not allow a temporary manifestation to obscure that fact.
  18. I hear ya. The big ass door on the passenger side of an AMC Pacer made a lot of sense...and visibility was off the chart...but Yeesh! Compared to the Pacer the Gremlin was downright sporty.
  19. I've used several clubs, over the years, that I didn't like the look of...until I swung them and observed the result. The ugliest club you've ever seem looks pretty nice after you've played a few good shots with it.
  20. Bad rounds (if there is such a thing) fade with time. None of us remember our worst outings; they are over-shadowed by the better ones. Reality is fairly weak sauce when compared to fantasy.
  21. Two of the shafts have different bands and the shaft on the second to last wedge will have to be replaced. I think you can do better for 125 bucks...especially if there is a shipping charge.
  22. If I am reading this correctly; one can save strokes, and avoid ethical quandaries, by not paying attention to the ball.
  23. I tried something like that many years ago. I made a putter length club with a 3 wood head on it. Like you say it was fairly easy to hit it straight but distance control was difficult. Had the opposite experience with my 48 inch putter...I could hit it pretty far but had little control over where it went.
  24. I must be delusional. When I get home from a round I write down the what I think were the really good shots. I do that to off-set my memory of the bad ones. Pared down to full swings...the number isn't one or two...it's 8,9, 10,11, or so. Those are the shots that split the air and go like they were shot from a cannon. Most of them fly long...but are a sight to see. They feel effortless and the golf ball seems not to have weight. The sound is different and I wonder why I can't do that all the time. I accept that I do not...and that's how my game goes.
  25. It is one thing to miss a green and another thing, entirely, to leave yourself in exactly the wrong place in relation to the hole. I'd back up and think about those second shots.
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