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  1. the backswing looks good, though like you said it could stand to be a little shorter. you get the club started well in transition, but then suddenly your arms take over and you get pretty steep. I've noticed this in some of your other videos, but not all of them. you then slide forward a good 4 inches and stand up to square the face as you really turn over the hands through impact. but since youre working on your backswing, maybe none of that matters. but yeah, the backswing looks good.
  2. im a commercial/residential fire sprinkler fitter.
  3. im simply replying to his request to shallow out earlier. whether or not he needs it i dunno. but his face looks toe up at p6 which means he can't rotate freely through the shot without losing his wrist angles and standing up through the shot to square the face. his body is simply reacting to an openish clubface in the downswing imo and doing whatever it can to square which means flipping and standing up a little. I would say if he wishes to rotate through the shot without stalling, flipping, or standing up, then he would have to add more flexion in his lead wrist on the downswing to get the
  4. hey i get that. but even when you start the downswing only with your lower body, your arms move on their own, but they fall into a more shallow position if you leave you leave your arms at the top. so yes, the arms move basically at the same time as the lower body, but initiating the downswing with the lower body allows the club to shallow better and more efficiently than it would if you start both down at the same time. heck, many pros who get wicked shallow and have tremendous lag are already firing the lower body for the downswing before the club has even reached the top. I could show
  5. with all the golf courses that have remained open booked weeks in advance, i've had lots of time to sit around and really truly, try to work on some things without thinking about my next round. the backswing is more where i'd like it to be, after a few days breaking it down into 4 parts, i've started blending it into one motion at 50% speed, which is incredibly hard for me as I've always had a difficult time swinging anything less than 90%. but I think it's going well. going at it at 50% definitely makes me feel more in sync on the downswing allowing me to rotate through to my finish.
  6. this putter is a cool concept, but would definitely slow down pace of play, and it falls over in windy conditions. it would definitely help with lining up putts. but that being said, if your stroke was still shit, youre gonna miss left or right regardless of whether or not youre aimed at the hole. and if your read is shit, and your speed is shit, your putts are gonna be..... well....... shit. rick sheils does a good review of this putter and he seems to like it, but its not like he put it in the bag. it's also incredibly heavy obviously, so you are limited to that kind of feel when you buy
  7. to me it just looks like you get a little wristy at the top, and you start down with the hands and arms before your lower body fires. overall i really like your swing and i can see why youre a +3 handicap, or +3 average score, either way, thats pretty good. i prescribe to you about 10,000 freezers, stopping at the top, and really feel your first move is getting into the ground while trying to keep your arms up. youll get shallow as f*** and you can just rotate through the shot.
  8. oh, so it's not for fending off covid? I went to walmart on saturday morning to get my essentials during the pandemic. this included bags of long and short tees
  9. this was my first thought when courses started shutting down, but oddly I briefly saw what seemed like the opposite lol. it would be hard to justify raising the price if the whole covid thing settled down after lowering them, so i figure stores will just keep them the same
  10. starting to feel more comfortable with this. hopefully on the right track
  11. yeah, these swings arent drastically different. he has a fairly old school club face that is open his back line on the way down, so his clubface is probably not as stable through impact as it should be if he'd like to be a more accurate driver, but for chamblee to draw some arrows on his knee flex and say with a straight face that he can actually tell the difference is pretty stupid. for him to say that he can fix him in 2 seconds is even more ridiculous. fixing him in 2 seconds would suggest that all he has to do is say is , 'hey, give me .5 degree less of knee flex', and Jordan can instan
  12. the guy is only 26. he's got plenty of time to figure it out. His putting is average now, but I think much of that has to do with his troubles off the tee. A lot of guys have undergone similar changes to their swings and it took several years for it to click to the point where it was ready to perform under pressure
  13. certainly can't argue with your assessment of my backswing. I've always been relatively flat and had a hard time understanding how to blend in the wrist hinge. Since I don't believe it caused me to add any compensations on the downswing, and was I was able to shallow it out pretty good, I ended up focusing on some other things through impact. But maybe since we're all stuck inside, it might be the right time to try to change it. Is something like this more along the lines of what you'd like to see? shaft pointing inside ball line Sorry about no face on, I don't have the space re
  14. theres a lot of people who can swing it pretty fast, but can't hit it for shit.
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