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  1. Ya...I feel ya on that one and am much the same way. I normally find a game every 1.5- 2 years and binge through it.
  2. I’m currently riding passenger to a Myrtle Beach golf trip. I brought my chrome book and wanted to watch using my unlimited data Verizon. The stream keeps lagging just enough to make it unwatchable. I’m so jealous!
  3. He said that he meant Kuch
  4. For the guys who have seen more Masters than me (first one I remember is the Norman disaster for context): I hear the old guard staying “this is how fast the greens used to play” “the greens were historically more firm”... stuff like that Did the greens really used to be this firm and fast (or at least much more firm than recent years- excluding November of course)...you know what I’m asking. I love it by the way, firm fast and little rough. Very cool
  5. I thought (and still think)it was a bounce type pitch. But I’m not an expert. Take my views with 3 grains of salt lol
  6. Today’s Session 4-5-21 This will be the last long post. I wanted to put context of what I’m trying and why in case I get lost. GOALS: Smash trail heel into ground and do not let it rise up in backswing. Work on Head stuff. (Basically don’t let it go “down and forward” in backswing) Keep working on integrating backswing with new move. I’ll post more on this below. Some “issues” that I’m working through / figuring out. FIRST Below are older images of P2-P4 where my head was going down + forward and trail heel was lifting up I used that combinatio
  7. Today’s Session 4-2-21 —first real session after lesson (that isn’t mapping in the mirror) GOALS: Check to see how im loading into trail leg (like in lesson above) Check wrists and arms to make sure club isn’t too closed (duck hook part of lesson above) Swing after mapping in the mirror for a week. Not expecting the world- just want to see what we’re dealing with The duck hook fix looks great! Forearms up, face not closed. Good 8i Swing is a tad long lol. The odd part is that: when I normally swing too long- the trail leg is spinning around and
  8. Golf Lesson 3-28-21 1st issue: Duck hooks with big clubs I was doing some weird things while setting my wrists and with my forearms after P2. Trail wrist was folding back on itself Must hinge wrists up Must have extension in trail wrist after P2 forearms go “up” Ive also been practicing a feel with my trail arm. It feels like turning a steering wheel (right hand on 2pm) to the left. I do this feel at/after P2 Downswing with driver: Cast in direction of green arrow, adding loft until impact 2nd Issue: Problems loading in t
  9. Yesterday’s Session 3-25-21 My priority has been: hand-path = down from P4-P6 I got into some bad habits in my backswing (long, flat, bad trail leg) and have spent the last week getting that back under control. 7i Swings at speed P4 Backswing length looks better Probably the best my trail hip piece has looked / worked at speed Couple “problems” (not so bad) Did not flow forward at P4 (or ever) Still a tad steep coming down. Not in love with handpath from P4-P5 Backswing looked better again, was able to spend the 2nd
  10. Today’s Session 3-16-21 Continued full swing work and drills. The thought of turning my chest through really helped my pivot. (I lost it just a bit the last couple days during drills) Distance Wedges Weight forward without leaning upper body Shallow at end of backswing with wrists Turn chest through - to not flip Worry about the rest later ”P3 Swings” Better than yesterday. Thanks for the tip to keep the chest going! Will work on getting a wider, better turn with these for next time.
  11. For a very well known brand ambassador of RLX, It was a curious comment For a famous and well known brand ambassador, it was a curious comment Site / phone locked up and reloaded — Couldn’t tell if original reply posted.
  12. His clothes fit exactly as they did before, even down to the arm cuffs. What do you think Luke Donald (respected brand ambassador) meant by this comment? Do you think he is happy that JT isn’t wearing RL? Do you think he is giving him a wink and a nod that he knows his clothes are RL? Do you think he simply likes his outfit? Do you think he is making fun of JT? My original post stated “time will tell how wrong I am”
  13. My point was that I think he will be paid for it again. Thats why I said “under the table deal” Although handshake agreement may be a more accurate phrase of what I think is happening.
  14. He still wears Ralph Lauren clothes...just without the logo. I think there is an under the table deal. ...time will tell how wrong I am
  15. Today’s Session 3-15-21 Continued to work on staying deep and not flipping my wrists. Also added working on my distance wedges. weight stays forward at 60/40 shallow the club at end of backswing Wedge swings to P3 The first few times I tried this technique I was coming way over the top...so I tried to shallow the club with my hands at end of backswing This seems too flippy? not sure why I need to flip from here... this seems ok Has anyone ran into this issue before? I’m a little new to hitting half wedges like this.
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