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  1. Day 115 (7/30/21) - 9-hole league tonight. I hit really good drives, but didn't follow-up very well. Generally speaking, my short game was mediocre. Between my tennis elbow acting up and a bad scrape and bruise on my left wrist which I managed to do cleaning the garage today, I've decided to take the week off to heal, so my next entry will be starting over at 1 after league next Friday night.
  2. Day 114 (7/29/21) - Practice green - Worked on chipping with my 58* and 6H to different holes and from different lies, then putting out. Then played 5-holes of chip and putt, scoring a 13. When putting, I focused on the hole, rather than the ball. Range - Hit a small bucket. With wedges, hybrids and fairway woods I focused making sure the low point of my swing was in front of the ball. For driver, I focused on swinging smoothly and making sure the low point was behind the ball. The 2-3 best drives I hit today, bar far, were using the Distanza shaft in my G400.
  3. Day 113 (7/28/21) - Did some putting on the rug today, focused on the target when I made my stroke. Putts were only 3-4 feet, but I can see enough benefit, at least on short ones, to give it a try on the course.
  4. Day 112 (7/27/21) - C19--PP Day 2 today. Focused on keeping my shoulders turning on the proper plane and minimizing head movement.
  5. Day 111 (7/26/21) - Hit quarter swing wedge shots with my 58* (full swing motion, backswing to A2) in the yard today for about 10 minutes. Focused on turning through the ball, which resulted in a 20-25 yard shot.
  6. Day 110 (7/25/21) - Putting practice today on the PuttOut mat. Did the PuttOut challenge then worked on making putts straight down the lines on either side of the mat.
  7. Day 109 (7/24/21) - Decided that I needed to review the 30-day Covid drills, so I started at the beginning with Day-1 - Early backswing. Did the left and right hand drills then added the pivot to A2, chipping a tennis ball in the yard for about 20-minutes using my 7-iron and 7-wood. When chipping the ball with this drill, I focused making a good turn thru the ball and making sure that my low point was in front of the ball.
  8. Day 108 (7/23/21) - Aggravated my Tennis elbow yesterday to will be taking it easy for the next few days. Since my low point control has been poor lately, I worked on set up positions with my 7-wood and 7-iron, taking short swings focused on getting my low point in front of the ball.
  9. Day 107 (7/22/21) - A "Blah" day at the range today. I hit a small bucket this afternoon and never quite got into a decent groove. Started out with 9-3 swings with an 8i then PW, then Driver to try my G400 with a 40 gm Distanza shaft in lieu of my normal 55 gm Alta CB. Although my best drive was with the Distanza, otherwise there was not enough difference to start using it at this point. More work needed.
  10. Day 106 (7/21/21) - Practiced some driver swings to get a feel for the new Distanza shaft I installed today. My swing speed is slow, borderline between regular and senior flex; trying the Distanza to see if it works better for my swing than the Alta CB regular I have been playing, distance-wise without resulting in too much dispersion. I'm planning on trying the Distanza "live" tomorrow at the range. For about 20-minutes I worked on my chipping stroke with my 58* (chipping motion) and 6 hybrid (putting motion).
  11. Day 105 (7/20/21) - About 1.5 hours at the practice green and range today. Started with chips to various holes on the practice green; 5 balls each with a goal of getting the ball to within 4' of the hole, which I did about 50% of the time. Primarily used my 58* wedge and implemented the approach Brad Faxon talks about in a good YouTube with James Ridyard. For the last set, I then putted out (two 2 putts and three 1 putts). I also practiced to a hole 20 yards out with my 6 hybrid using a putt-chip approach. On the range, I hit 7 thru SW using mainly 9-3 swings collecting the data on my SC
  12. Day 104 (7/19/21) - Raining today; worked on putting with PuttOut mat focusing on "Bead" by putting down one of the lines on the mat such that it stayed on the line for at least 30". I had to work out a slight hook in my putts, which I did but it took about 40 minutes.
  13. Day 103 (7/18/21) - About 20 minutes in the yard (i) chipping motion with my 58* wedge and a real ball trying to duplicate the feeling of the Orange Whip wedge from yesterday and (ii) 9 to 5 shots with the same wedge and a whiffle ball to work on full swing motion.
  14. Day 102 (7/17/21) - A. s noted in yesterday's entry, my chipping was off last night. Something was missing during warmup, so today I did around 30-minutes with the Orange Whip wedge, focusing on a smooth chipping motion and distance control.
  15. Day 101 (7/16/21) - 9-hole league tonight. I shot a 46 which was OK, but could/should have been 3-4 strokes better if I had not hacked up 2 of the easier holes on the course. Chipping was definitely off tonight and I only hit two fairways (of 6).
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