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  1. Your experience doesn't make it definitive. Glad it help you out. Depends on the golfer. Some people respond differently. Some are able to actually make adjustments no matter what club they are given. Also, it depends on the golf shaft. A regular flex in a certain make/model may be a stiff flex in another make/model. That matters more is not overall flex, but how the loads in the swing. I did a wedge fitting were the the two golf shafts were with in a few grams of each other, both were with in one flex of each other. Both would say to be competing with each other. It wasn'
  2. Even housing appraisals treat black communities differently if you parse out things like crime rates. I agree. The video feels like there was lack of training. If you train enough, you know enough to step back and ask questions. You don't push forward and rush. Then they over reacted to a single shooter, probably because police immunity laws. It makes them lax. They can get away with a lot more. How often do people go over the speed limit because police only give you a ticket when you go 10 mph over? People absolutely have opinions of cops based on race.
  3. This headache thing is confusing a lot of people. My mom had a headache and developed a fever for about 3-5 days. Tested Negative. My cousin tested positive, her family got the headache and fever symptoms and tested negative. Not sure if there is a different strand, or maybe there is a delay in anti-bodies developing after the headache.
  4. Send them the photo. They should fix it for you. It looks like they grabbed the wrong golf shaft off the shelf. Not sure if they reused the ones you had or had to replace one due to damage.
  5. 1. Gotten a tad better. The swing feel of feeling more hip turn in the backswing, and swinging left more is helping out. 2. Iron Swings are much better. Driver is not 😛. 3. Short game was better this year. Just need to continue to keep it sharp. It can lapse. 4. Well, some circumstances came up 😛.
  6. Labelling doesn't matter. You are going to buy 1 driver, 2-4 woods/hybrids, and 2-3 wedges. That leaves 6-8 irons to fill in the gaps. It doesn't matter what they are labelled as long as you have proper club fitting. Then you know what you hit and that is all that matters.
  7. yea, it is more pleasing to the eye. Not sure the specifics, maybe things blend better together. Nothing really stands out. It feels like some lines are not as bold or thick.
  8. Charlie's impact position is a tad extreme. He's got like 90 degree open hips at impact 😛 Oh to be young!
  9. My house was built in the 1960's. I need to put in a wall in the garage to isolate the new furnace from the rest of the garage. This will allow me to heat that part of the garage and keep the high efficiency furnace from having issues in the winter with freezing condensation in the air intake pipe that goes outside. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the best way to build this wall? I was thinking of just using cinder blocks and mortar. Then frame a door in there. Here are some photo's of the area the wall needs to go. It would fit against the bump out just to the righ
  10. Man, I messed up my first post. 😇 1) 3/1 2) 6/1 3) 50/1 4) 250/1 5) 1500/1 6) 2/1
  11. Made Carbonara as authentic as I could. One of my favorite pasta dishes.
  12. Logistics are always overlooked. We spent so much time accelerating this no one did a good job at setting hip the how.
  13. My mom had a low fever, headache, flu like symptoms. She tested negative. I wonder if certain versions of isn’t testing positive as much?
  14. What We Know About the Side Effects of Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine The most commonly reported side effect from the vaccine is injection site reaction. Such reactions can cause some pain and other symptoms around... They have been pretty mild. That isn't to say there are not people who might have an issue with some unknown health issue. I am going to just assume that this is just like any other medicine. Do the benefits outweigh the possible cons. For someone healthy like me, never having issues with vaccines or other medications in the past, I am not going to worry to
  15. Not sure. After looking at it, the Whoop isn't as far off as from when I fell asleep and when I woke up compared to my Oura Ring. I've been wearing the Oura Ring for over a year now. I find that when the sleep score is significantly lower than my baseline I feel like crap the next day. Which matched well with how I felt on Sunday. Again, I don't know what is bad for a sleep performance. The Whoop app says you need at least 70% to allow your body to recover. Maybe 83% is bad. Maybe they should color code that number as red or something. 83% for me makes me feel like crap the ne
  16. I am not sure I like how whoop does sleep... Sunday: 83% Performance, 94% SE (Went to bed at 2:50-ish in the morning) Compared to my Oura Ring Sunday: 59 Sleep Score, 89% SE Maybe i don't realize that 83% is really bad? I got 83% of the sleep needed. Getting the sleep needed isn't the entire story when it comes to sleep and the body. Saturday I was playing poker with friends till about 1:45 AM. Then I drove back to my house and fell asleep around 2:50 AM. I know by the research this is not good even if I end up getting 8 hours of sleep. They have done studies showing
  17. From the podcast I listen to, it’s not really the score you have, but your deviant from your baseline and how much your HRV fluctuates from the baseline. You will see athletes have HRV above 100. It might not be good if it is consistently at 100 all the time. It means their body isn’t reacting to stresses. Score baseline can matter, but being able to control HRV matters to. Even simple breath work can change HRV. You have to be careful with how the Whoop or Oura ring measure the HRV. Its not the gold standard for measuring HRV. here are some articles on HRV. I like Ben Greenfield’s
  18. We have to watch out with the death totals for the day. A lot of data is backlogged or not submitted daily. I would look at the data on more of a 7 day total. That would flatten it out a bit.
  19. Unless that guy has any self awareness regarding his emotions, there is nothing you can do to stop him from being angry. If that is the case, let him carry that anger to the course and watch him self implode. In this situation, there is nothing you could have done. You were not informed. You showed up an adequate time before the tee time. The best thing you can do is make sure that you don't let that angry guy to influence you and your golf game.
  20. Are wood pellets economical? I feel like having something that can use both hardwood and pellets would be good?
  21. It wasn't busy at all that day.
  22. I just finished up a podcast on HRV. The doctor said it’s less important the value of your HRV from a Whoop or Oura ring than it is that your HRV actually fluctuates during the day. If you have a 30 HRV all day, that is bad because it means your body isn’t responding to stressors. He also said that being able to influence your HRV, like through breath work is important. there is a lot that goes into our baseline HRV. So saying we need to be at 100 is misleading. Maldonado, once you have a baseline for your good day HRV check in value. If you see a massive drop one morning then
  23. 96 recovery today. Probably because of my 99% sleep efficiency and 9 hours of sleep I got. somehow my HRV was 101!
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