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  1. Please switch to using Gen Z 😉
  2. Yay, back was good enough to play 9 tonight. Started off slow, but that is to be expected with not hitting golf balls in 11 days. I just kept with focusing on torso turn with soft left arm. Then trying to get that left knee to go down and left. For about a 4 hole stretch I got stuck with a nasty snap hook. Then I figured out working in a bit of more right side forward with the left knee stuff. I started to hit the ball much better.
  3. Clark Howard on leading,
  4. I always saw leasing for people who want to avoid troublesome maintenance. If you trade back in before 30K you can avoid the higher routing maintenance cost. Also, I think leasing was more viable option years ago when cars were more troublesome. Now, cars last a really long time with routing maintenance. You can skip new tires, new brakes, and higher required maintenance. Then you have the people who like brand new cars or trying different cars. For me, I research out cars with good history of not having issues and time it with good dealership deals.
  5. No hip turn from A1 (address) to A3 (arm parallel to ground in backswing). Be more passive with the arms and more active with a hip/torso turn.
  6. I like the prong attachment, and the bullet attachment. Certain spots on the back can be tricky to get. I do have a massage peanut roller that I lay on for the middle of the back. I also have a massage stick that I can roll up and down my lower back.
  7. Are you playing the same course? Is the practice green an actual representation of what you face on the course? It could be your putting stroke. Start practicing like you play. Take your time, try to bring in the feel like the putt counts for something. Also, try to work on lag putting. Try to get every putt inside 10% of the distance you are hitting putts from. So a 50-FT putt, try to get the ball inside 5-ft.
  8. Don't hit down on the ball. Hitting up will increase launch and reduce spin rate. What causes this ballooning is not launch angle, but spin rate. I have a clubhead speed of 115-120 mph. I hit a 10 degree driver, and probably launch it around 12-13 degrees with sub 2200 spin rate. I try to hit up 2-3 degrees. For me, it's not really beneficial to be overly precise with the numbers. The angle of attack can vary +/- a degree. The dynamic loft can change. My spin range is probably 1900 to 2500.
  9. It isn't like DJ doesn't have a major win. I think that is a big thing for a lot of people.
  10. I have a hypervolt gun. It works really well. For me, my quads and calf muscles are super tight. So I try to hit those a few times a week I agree, it's amazing how accustomed the body gets to certain unrelaxed positions. I remember when they finally got my upper back to relax and my shoulders started to hurt because they were stretching out. Right now it's my lats that bother me the most, and I foam roll them occasionally.
  11. Someone who swings very slowly. They need the dynamic loft to make up for the lack of spin rate that keeps the ball in the air.
  12. Very unlikely that a person would present the static loft of the driver at impact. Making any determination of what loft to choose is impossible. That is why club fitting is important in this regard.
  13. I don’t think this is correct. I always thought it was loft presented at impact.
  14. Your loft on the driver is not loft presented at impact. you could be presenting more loft or less loft.
  15. Went to to Erie for a lesson session and play 18. Backswing Priority - Arms stay passive as body turns. Right arm stays loose and relaxed. Downswing Priority - Let knee gain a big of flex so it travels down and towards target more in downswing. Then explode with extension in the left side. Shot Shape Stuff - Work on face to path control. Especially with driver, getting the path less outward.
  16. I never got into flight simulator.
  17. Which golf ball? The Snell MTB are as good as a Pro V. Also, I have no issue with someone accepting money for a product they believe is a good product. Just because they accept money doesn't mean they are a sell out.
  18. To me they just want to make blatant heavy handed decisions to not write reviews based the data. They somehow had this "Callaway" driver ranked lower in strokes gained when it was in the top 10 in ball speed and top 10 in shot area. I mean, that means it should equal higher strokes gained than were it was at. It makes no sense at all. I believe they had issue with dealing with Callaway in the past. So might as well kill their reputation for running test with no bias.
  19. Basically, do what ever you like with your feet except for improving the lie (i.e. smoothing out the sand behind the ball with your foot)
  20. Played 9 holes this afternoon. For the most part the following feels worked pretty good. 1. better sync with arms and turn in the backswing. 2. slight sway away from target to A3.5. 3. Right elbow more off the chest at A3 feel. The results were solid contact. Thins and fat shots went away. Ball flight was decent. The miss was a push right. I didn’t hook any of the shots.
  21. Well, i think it might be for his own perception. Maybe accepting he was injured would be a detriment to his focus. Who knows.
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