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My swing (zebrasinamerica)

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Hey everyone, here's my swing with my driver, Titleist 910 D2 10.5 with a RIP Phenom 60 S and my 7 iron, Scratch SB-1 with R+ Ctaper +1/4"

I've been Playing Golf for: 18 years

My current handicap index or average score is: +1

My typical ball flight is: piercing

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: block right, driver especially


Driver (ignore swing 3 I tried a move in this swing I'd been reading about and it didn't go as planned)

7 iron


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Sup, buddy. I have a posture tip to kick off your thread. Here are some examples of golfers who have good golf posture.

And there here's you:

Note that Tiger doesn't have an arch in his lumbar spine. His upper back is more rounded and he has more neck tilt, as do the other examples above.

Add more neck tilt, round your upper back more, and lose a lot of the arch in your lower back. The first two will help with the third one.

You'll be able to view the ball in your central vision, and you'll put less stress on your lower back.

And read this thread when you get a chance. it's the source of those above photos. I think you'll like it a lot. It'll really help clean up some things and make it easier for you to swing the club: Good Golf Posture


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Thanks JetFan, Posture is what I'm really trying to iron out right now. I'm about to pull up the thread you posted and give it a read, back on the range tomorrow and I'll take the camera again!!!


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Also DJs posture is where I'm wanting to get to. I just don't know what adjustments to make that wont destroy my swing and game

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got the video up and was able to watch it for the first time when I got home as my camera battery died at the range. I must say while hitting balls I felt like my head was WAY down but with the lack of computer skills I have it looks as if I were to put laser pointers on the frame of my glasses that I would still be about 5 or 6 inches away from the ball and it REALLY felt like I was looking straight down. I also checked my lower back as I have been taking some swings at home trying to get the feeling of tucking my tail bone and I am kind of thinking I just have a big but that is making it look like I'm arching my lower back lol.

These adjustments felt great from my wedge all the way to my driver and I will continue to work them in and make them 100% but I feel like my first adjustment that it went well. I was more balanced through the swing. I felt more "connected" and smoother. I also felt as if I was creating more power with the chin dropping and rounding my shoulders. All in all this was an improving session for sure and the work will continue.

Thanks and here's the new video, the last ball was off the heel as I got a bit close on set up



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here's the feedback I got from one of my good friends who is a certified teaching pro in FL about my swing after the posture adjustment

" Swing looks good.  I don’t really know what you are struggling with and what you are wanting to change?  What your miss is? Or What irons you are struggling with.  On your takeaway I see a minor flaw with you breaking your hands back pointing your thumbs away from you which is an unnecessary move but you recover from it nicely.  Coming down on the ball you look like you are in a great position with the butt of the club pointing at the ball or inside which tells me you are coming down on the ball.  If you can get a caddie view or view facing your body so I can see latterly whats going on and what your head is doing that would help me more..  Overall though you have a nice swing.  A lot of your work is going to be adjusting tedious little things.  I would work a lot on your mental game and putting."


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