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Driver Shaft fitting/tuning

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Hello all,

This might end up a bit long-winded, but here goes.

I demoed some drivers today and was able to get some parameters for my swing (didn't and won't have time for a good, solid proper fitting for a couple of months.)

I was wondering if anyone might be able to recommend shafts based on them. I mostly hit the R1 with a 55 gram Aldila RIP Phenom Shaft. Stiff. 9.5 loft Of all the clubs, it was the one I hit best, but since done on launch monitor, wasn't really able to see flight.

My ball speed hovered around 145 mph, swing speed 95.

My spin rate with that club on a down the middle drive was anywhere between 2700 and 3700. Average carry 245-250 with a rollout to around 260-270. Launch angle was 15 degree or a tick under every time.

So, my question would be, are those specs adequate with that shaft? Or do I need something a little different? Also, if it's a good reading, does anyone know of any similar non-stock shafts I might could replace it with?

Thanks in advance.


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Not trying to be an jerk, but you better have that launch monitor checked......Ball speed of 145 with swing speed of 95 is a smash factor of 1.53. In other words, impossible. Also, a swing speed of 95 produces a carry of about 210, not 245-250. I think the monitor may be "juiced".

The spin rate looks too high, but until you have accurate launch monitor numbers, any shaft recommendations at this time would be pointless.


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