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Cant hit my driver, HELP!

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Hey guys,

I shoot around mid 90's, i can hit pretty good with my irons but lately i cant hit my driver WHATSOEVER :russian_roulette: my confidence off the tee is killing me, playing woods-ball isnt my favorite lol
my drives are pretty consistent right now, with them being low line drives to the left, snap hooks left, or shots that go roll straight into the grass about 50 yards. I'm really not sure whats going on so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

DTL video - from about 2 weeks ago, this particular shot i sky the ball (which rarely ever happens)

FO video - most recent video, this is a snap hook left


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So I see a few things here that may be an issue. I only say I can see this because I often times have lived with the hook issues and I can see  a few things that may be causing you to do what I learned how to avoid over the last several months.

1. You are swaying. I mean when you take the club back your hips are moving back. This is causing you to get "out of plane" which is throwing you all out of whack. Work on keeping your lower half of the body quiet. Imagine you are sitting so to speak on a stool and this should help. This also has to do with a weight transfer issue. I notice that most of the weight is on your back foot. This is not changing when you come through the ball. work on evening out your weight transfer as your hips come through the ball.

2. When you take away the ball (it is hard to see because the video is fast and impossible to slow down to the point where you can clearly see it.) you are opening up the club face. Pause the video at the top of your back swing and you will see your club face pointing to the sky. This is causing you to over correct and snap the face closed very quick. On your follow through this is very evident. You are rolling your wrists over so fast that your face is very very closed. Hence the snap hook lives. I know this because I had this same issue. The best way to fix this is to quiet your hands. I suggest taking a few swings at the range at about 50% power. This will help you mentally realize not to use so much wrist/hands and as you start to master it you can increase your power levels to 75% and then 100% again. It takes time but can be conquered.

I hope this stuff helps. I have been struggling with a hook for a while too and it has taken lesson after lesson and going to the range almost daily just to mentally correct this. I am no pro but I have finally figured our how to master it after about a week or two of just pure practice. I again hope this helps you correct it.

Hit em' straight and best of luck to you.



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Well, you're swinging out to in slightly, which will cause a slice. So you point the face way left to prevent the slice, but end up going too far and starting the ball left, with a pull. The face is so shut that it's shut relative to the swing path, which causes the ball to draw even farther left. And you are hitting down so much that you skied the ball that time.


This thread is a very useful one.


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