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Hello from Missouri!

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Hey everyone, Wayne here. I come here often just to see what everyone is doing out on the grass. I'm an oldie, 64 and have been playing for over 40 yrs. now. I'm retired and love every minute of it. I retired as a Pedorthist but was for a long time a golf course super and golf course manager before med school. Anyway, thanks for having me and maybe someone out there can help me with my game.


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I live across the river from St. Louis in Illinois. Sounds like you have double grounding in golfdom. Welcome.

To tell us about your game, consider posting a What's In My Bag segment. You can put it in your sig line, or create it as a List.


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    • Travel Bag that fits in a typical Uber trunk
      I have one of these that I inherited from my dad. I think I am missing the pin. Sadly I don't think they make it anymore but one was sold on ebay for 61 clams. It may work for you if you can locate it.  
    • Reading Greens
      Putting skill is based on three things. Reading greens, hitting your target line, and distance control. Missing one out of the three can bleed into the other two and cause you to be a poor putter. I would say green reading isn't going to hurt you as much as having poor distance control or very inconsistent start lines.  My Edel putter influenced my putting more because I lost a ton of strokes three putting. That wasn't misreading greens for me.   
    • Golf backswing tips
      Here is another youtube video that is very simple and straight forward that I really like..concentrating on getting to the first position really helps me keep centered too....just short and simple    
    • Reading Greens
      So your prior experience didn't matter in getting the most out of it. That's good to know. Generally putting skills do also track with HCP (assuming a fairly balanced game) for the average population at each HCP. I think AimPoint has great value. I'm just not ready to spring for the big bucks yet. I think the visualizations they put out like the ones I posted are very helpful for golfers playing for a few years like me to get some of the basic concepts. I have a chance!  Interesting. I probably suffer from both, but distance control may have been a bit more of an issue, because I hadn't even correctly identified that my putter had an off-center sweet spot when I started.
    • Bought the wrong flex wedge... should I return?
      I hope it's not the club maker that was in that condition? In general, the salesmen don't really know anything about club making. Ask specifically for the club maker and he can do what you ask. In any case what @70sSanO suggested makes perfect sense, but I'm not sure how much you planned to cut. You'd need to cut quite a bit to get a different flex number. Here's my favorite shaft the DG. Notice that you'd need to cut an inch or so to get kind of the same flex from one to the other. The actual difference is about 2", but you have to fudge the overall effect of having a shorter shaft. For instance, S300 might be perfect for your shorter irons, but might be too flexible for the long irons. That effect will be somewhat unpredictable and might require a lot of iteration.   A modern Wedge flex has a specific kick point. They have a strange taper to help spin the ball better. In the past there probably was no difference. . .   That's better only more expensive, and shortening from the tip will stiffen it only a little bit. If you are getting something like an S300, it might still not be optimal as it is generally lower launching. You might want to have a higher launching shaft for a wedge. R flex might have been okay. Give the R a good testing before switching out to see if you like the stiff more or not? My advice is to try a bunch of wedges (used or otherwise) at your local store to find one that gives you your best launch conditions for a wedge. I haven't done this myself, but I have many friends who have gotten them fitted and they love their wedges now. The stock Mack Daddy and MD 2 seem to be perfect for me anyway. Haven't tried the others as they were not on sale, but I would guess any of the stock shafts would be fine for me.
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