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Skycaddie SGX Never used since refurbish - Price lowered

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I have had the SGX since it first came out.  I recently had my replaced with a refurbished, like new unit.

I don't have the original box but I have 2 silicone skins, the belt case, charger, etc.

Shipping included.


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    • Gun Laws
      By Elmer · Posted
      This makes the point really well. We are not all john wayne, with perfect aim and a bad guy in a black hat standing in front of us!
    • Gun Laws
      By TN94z · Posted
      Yeah, but MMA is not really on topic with gun control. I don't want to push the conversation down a different path. I agree that the average CCW person nowadays talks a big game because they can carry, but being in that situation is a totally different ball game. I could see it making a situation worse in some cases, depending on the skill level of the CCW holder. Misses happen. Would it be better to not attempt to take the shooter out and allow him to continue the rampage? I think there needs to be more scrutiny over the CCW classes at least. I have sat through some where there were people who had no business carrying a gun. One person could not even hit the target from 5 yards. The instructors stayed after class to help her pass. That class was a joke and I am sure there are carriers out there now just like the person I described, which is scary! That's a thought I have as well. If schools were to have CCW people on campus for safety, they need to be designated people that the entire staff knows are designated and would need to be involved in training as a group for these situations. Center mass every time. Regardless of body armor, it's still going to slow the stampede of what is coming. I agree about the untrained carrier. I've seen it first hand in handgun defense classes. It blows my mind that people are carrying these weapons with such a limited skill set. I personally think the MMA talk is way off topic. It really has nothing to do with gun control Body armor or not, I still believe that it would distract the shooter enough to help the situation. Most of these shooters are not trained per say, so being shot at and hit (even with body armor) is going to be a shock to their system.
    • Gun Laws
      By Golfingdad · Posted
      It demonstrates a (very remote) possible outcome when a "nut" with a gun decides to be a hero.  I absolutely don't want or need that guy to try and help me. Most importantly, though, it's Boogie Nights and it's damn funny!
    • Avalon Lakes Yardage Book, Course Guide?
      By iacas · Posted
      The college teams in the AMCC (Division III) are playing Avalon Lakes in Warren, OH this weekend for the conference championship. Does anyone have a yardage book, a course guide, a strategy guide, or anything of the type? If it's good I'm happy to offer up a Supporter membership free in exchange.
    • Gun Laws
      By iacas · Posted
      Not sure what the point of that video is. You could make one where an armed citizen saves the lives of tens, hundreds, even thousands. Heck, those types of videos also already exist. Yeah, or runs away because he doesn't want to get shot. That's more likely, IIRC. Look, like many things, people are just arguing with their emotions and culling stats to suit whatever side they happen to fall on. Nobody here is qualified to talk about this stuff beyond "I don't want to carry a gun" or "I feel safer with a gun" or whatever. Their own opinions. That's it. Very few people here have read, I imagine, books on the topic. And I realize I may be showing my bias here, but the "anti-gun" side tends to argue the emotional side of things, the "what about the poor innocent children being slaughtered by the… well, okay, not quite dozens, but more than a few" angle. Every book I ever read stressed to me that it's largely an economic issue. People who want to kill a lot of other people are also free to choose other means: poisonous gases, bombs, etc. Many of them are even safer for them to use than having to stand there pulling the trigger on something.
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