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Club fitting price?

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I have done an extensive amount of research and actual testing when it comes to finding my best choices in clubs but I have a concern about the fitting. Do they charge you for custom shafts and grips? I know this is a silly question to ask but I want to make sure that I go in there with the proper amount of money and not embarrass myself.


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Sometimes there's an upcharge for a custom shaft, or a custom grip.

Let's look at the Callaway X2.Hot Pro model. The stock 4-PW set prices out at $788.

  • Stock shaft: PX.95 Flighted, 5.5 or 6.0 flex
  • Stock grip: Callaway Universal.

I factored in 1* flat and + 1/64 wrap on the grip, and it didn't increase the choice.

For customization, the moment I clicked "custom shaft factory installed," the price jumped to $899. I tried several shaft varieties, and the price stayed the same:

  • PX.95 Flighted, 5.0 or 6.5 flex (an upcharge for outlier flexes!)
  • Nippon 990 steel, Stiff
  • Graphite Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 70 gram.

For custom grip, I selected the Golf Pride New Decade MultiC black/red midsize; this added $5 a club (+$35)

So, final price was $934, or a raise of $146.


For the Bridgestone J40 Cavity and Pocket Cavity irons, some custom shafts have an upcharge, some don't. You would have to access their website to see which is which.


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If you want to get a handle on shafte and grip prices, go out to golfwokprks.com and you will be able to see the retail price difference between those items. The major mfg use shafts in their own name at times which will make it difficult to determine what you are getting some times, but most offer the option of Tt, KBS, Project X etc.

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My recent experience has been with Titleist, but I suppose most manufacturers are at least somewhat similar.  They have a few shaft options that are "standard."  Then they have a fairly extensive list of "non-standard" shafts, some of which have a per club upcharge.  Not surprising since the base price for various shafts varies considerably.  Unfortunately, until you do the fitting you won't know what shaft will be recommended.  For what it's worth, the Steelfiber shafts for my irons were a $40/ea. upcharge.  It is my impression that is about the high end but for five clubs it set me back an extra $200.


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Okay, my fitter does not charge me for the fitting, but as I do he expects me to do the purchase from him ..which I do.

and being the good fitter that he is ..he always states if there will be an up-charge for an item ie: grips, shafts, etc

When you were young and your  heart was an open book...you used to say "Live and let Live"

Actually a very good question...hopefully answered

"Wanda I can't find my bellybutton, could you help me?"

Think of that next time you have a tee shot.


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