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Casio Camera question - Yellow "Alert" warning box - what does this mean?

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I lost my docs. I don't think it was SD card running out of room though it could have been. Anyone know what this is? There's no warning for excessive heat, is there?

Update: Looked it up. It is heat. Pg 191.


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The camera’s protection function may have activated
because camera temperature is too high. Turn off the
camera and wait until it cools down before trying to use it


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Could be the battery getting too hot. I have the same camera

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    • Ball likely in casual water but uncertain
      You're exactly right. At first I meant we were told to re tee if we could not find it, meaning unplayable stroke and distance, same as a lost ball but obviously you must call the correct penalty. But that makes no sense because it would just be a free drop if certain the ball was in. But what ACTUALLY occured was because of the cold and forecast of pouring rain (which happened) they made an odd rule where we could re tee without penalty if we saw the ball go in. So I did not do the free re tee, which someone in the group did a few holes before, beause we were not sure, AND we didn't rake it out, so it was declared a lost ball. But the other kid who did not do a re tee because he thought he saw his ball clear the sand, took a free drop without finding it, all within the rules. The bunker was on the right side of the fairway so my line was further and to the right of the kid who took the drop, who hit it straight and short. All i can vividly remember is us standing in the pouring rain and cold, dragging rakes through a bunker full of deep water, and finding every other golf ball! Crazy!  I think you got to the real oddity where an unidentified unplayable is the same penalty as a lost ball, but called something different. Unless there is some difference? I guess if it is found before you hit the next shot you would not be able to play it where it lies in the unplayable scenario, granted you did not declare the lost ball lost yet (then no penalty). Is there any other difference? I guess both you can tee it up after the penalty, and you still can't go more than 2 clubs behind the tee markers in the unplayable scenario I believe. Wonder if there are any other differences between lost ball and unplayable but unidentified.
    • Ball likely in casual water but uncertain
      I think we are talking about a couple of different things.  First, I don't really understand the "local rule" you were given in your tournament with regards to the flooded bunkers.  When you say re tee, did they tell you to play your stroke over with no penalty.  Can't do that. As far as declaring a ball unplayable, this is different than taking relief for Casual Water.  You may in fact declare a ball unplayable without finding it, but in this case, you must play your next stroke from the spot where you played your last.  (Stroke and Distance)  If you think about it, its the same procedure as if you were to lose your ball.  Under the ball unplayable rule there is a one stroke penalty. Iacas gave you the rule for taking relief from casual water in a bunker.  In order to do this, it must be known or virtually certain the ball is in the casual water.  
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      @coop6. You're right about opening up too fast. I should have worded differently. It's not that your body isn't moving where it needs to move. It's that your arms aren't moving with your body enough. Or you might say the body isn't inluencing the motion of the arms. Try the Dufner towel under arms drill, it's an extreme drill but it will help this. Your body rotation has to help turn the club back to square, that is the whole idea, feel the body and upper arms turning the club back. Once that happens you won't have to flip the club shut right after impact.
    • My Swing (coop6)
      @iacas see it now
    • My Swing (adragon0216)
      There is no such thing as a strong grip. There is a stronger left hand or stronger right hand. If you strengthen the right hand grip this will help close the face. If you weaken the left hand grip this will also help close the face, though less so. Stand taller and flatten the swing out until you are older. Don't try to be so bent over at the hips at impact. Take lessons so you don't get hurt swinging this way. Your shoulders should turn level through the ball. Like I said don't increase the bend from the hips at impact.    
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