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In FedEx playoffs, Hunter Mahan is Mr. Consistency

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A strong showing in this week’s Deutsche Bank Championship could land Hunter Mahan on the Ryder Cup team. Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images


A strong showing in this week’s Deutsche Bank Championship could land Hunter Mahan on the Ryder Cup team.

The only golfer to play in all 29 FedEx Cup playoff tournaments to date is the same one who is currently leading the points race, which means he has the inside track at the $10 million prize that comes with winning it.

By emerging from a large Sunday scrum and capturing the Barclays by two shots, Hunter Mahan guaranteed himself a spot in the next three playoff events — which will make him 32 for 32 — beginning with the Deutsche Bank Championship, starting Friday at TPC Boston.

Of the four playoff tournaments, the DBC is the one in which Mahan has had the least success (a tie for eighth in 2011 is his best showing). But since the playoff format made its debut in 2007, he has been the one always playing.

By Michael Whitmer



There is something to be said about having a chance to win every time you play.


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Since the field size decreases, his chances increase as well. :-)

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    • Gun Laws
      By iacas · Posted
      Then, so far as I know from when I last read up on this stuff, you're likely unaware of the statistics (or must think they don't apply to you). Good example of the emotional argument, Drew. And one from a movie? C'mon. Do you want Bruce Willis to be the "nut" that saves you from an asteroid? Heck, that involved a nuclear weapon IIRC, too. It's a movie. The truth (as I last read it) is that armed citizens help in situations like that - they avoid serious injury and death at a higher rate - and it's not really even a close margin. There are reasons most states allow the use of lethal force on someone who is committing a felony.
    • Gun Laws
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      I think both could happen, if the guy is pointing a gun at close range at another persons head, when the second person tries to shoot him it is very possible they tense and pull the trigger and Don Cheadle dies, AND the guy runs away. I agree completely, I think a lot of our violence in America is social and structural, and there are a lot of factors including economic and part of that economics is pharmaceutical companies pushing drugs on us as the answers for everything (and this is different than other western economies as in many referenced have different healthcare plans in place than we do in America).  When a person gets body armor, stockpiles guns and ammo and has clips and other tools they have planned in advance to kill many people.  Columbine and other schools shootings were like that, they had pipe bombs and all sorts of guns and bullets.  If they had no guns it would have been pipe bombs and whatever else.  Did people forget what happened at the Boston Marathon a few years ago?   It is still fun to talk about and debate sometimes, in general I like that this place has remained civil in this conversation.  Shows we have some good members.
    • Do you KNOW your score as you play?
      By phan52 · Posted
      I am always aware of my score. I don't know that it is a good thing when I am playing well because, at some point, I begin to figure out if I have a shot to break 80 and that prevents me from taking it one shot at a time.
    • Gun Laws
      By Elmer · Posted
      This makes the point really well. We are not all john wayne, with perfect aim and a bad guy in a black hat standing in front of us!
    • Gun Laws
      By TN94z · Posted
      Yeah, but MMA is not really on topic with gun control. I don't want to push the conversation down a different path. I agree that the average CCW person nowadays talks a big game because they can carry, but being in that situation is a totally different ball game. I could see it making a situation worse in some cases, depending on the skill level of the CCW holder. Misses happen. Would it be better to not attempt to take the shooter out and allow him to continue the rampage? I think there needs to be more scrutiny over the CCW classes at least. I have sat through some where there were people who had no business carrying a gun. One person could not even hit the target from 5 yards. The instructors stayed after class to help her pass. That class was a joke and I am sure there are carriers out there now just like the person I described, which is scary! That's a thought I have as well. If schools were to have CCW people on campus for safety, they need to be designated people that the entire staff knows are designated and would need to be involved in training as a group for these situations. Center mass every time. Regardless of body armor, it's still going to slow the stampede of what is coming. I agree about the untrained carrier. I've seen it first hand in handgun defense classes. It blows my mind that people are carrying these weapons with such a limited skill set. I personally think the MMA talk is way off topic. It really has nothing to do with gun control Body armor or not, I still believe that it would distract the shooter enough to help the situation. Most of these shooters are not trained per say, so being shot at and hit (even with body armor) is going to be a shock to their system.
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