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I cant decide

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Im going to experiment with replacing my 3 wood with a low lofted hybrid. I love my 3 wood off the tee but i am looking for something more consistant off the deck.

Anyway... I am trying to decide between a 15* Nike Sumo with the stock Diamana or a 16* Exotics XCG with a GD X Quad.

Anyone have any opinions?
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Re: I cant decide

You're going to lose some distance by going to a 15/16* hybrid over 3 wood. Just because it's the same loft doesn't mean it'll have same distance. You'll probably give up 10-20+ yards of distance (probably closer to the 20+). I would recommend looking at a 4W instead. It's much easier to hit off turf than most 3W and will be longer and higher than most 1H/2H. I played a 15* hybrid for a while, but because they are a lower trajectory and shorter shaft it lost quite a bit of distance. I finally broke down and bought a 17* 4W and have loved everything about it. It's as easy to hit as a 5W off turf, but is longer than that. I don't think I've lost much distance over the 3 wood at all (maybe a little off tee, but even that is minimal).
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