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Old Irons: Taylormade Technician

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I came across a small set of these blade irons and I've been using them at the range lately (CG Gold are my current irons).  I've only been playing less than a year however I've become a pretty decent ball striker (ignore my handicap, I've never actually calculated one, I just had to enter something, I generally shoot mid 80's on par 72's).  I'm quite consistent to the point that I've starting developing marks in the center of my club-faces (similar to that picture of Tiger's 8 iron I've seen posted here) so I'm pretty happy with how my swing is grooving in.


Now back to these irons and ultimately my questions.  I absolutely love hitting these things, they fly long and true and hitting the ball feels amazing compared to the cavity backs I'm used to.  This set is small however and only goes from 6-PW.  The clubs seem like they're about 20 years old and the shafts are incredibly stiff compared to my Golds.  However this doesn't seem to be affecting my ability to hit them.  But since the set is so small I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to fit new shafts (grips are a given as these are like plastic they're so dry) and get them fit for me?  Factoring in the cost of that plus the need for another hybrid to fill in the 5 iron slot I'm wondering if it would actually be worth it for such old clubs or if I should just look into getting a used set of Mizuno's or something similar from Golfsmith?  I'm seeing MP-67 3-PW for example for only $359USD.


I've never hit blades before this and definitely not any modern blades so I don't really know which way to go.  If anyone has an insight on these clubs or suggestions as to my direction to take (I'd definitely like to go to blade irons after seeing the difference) I'd appreciate it!  Maybe modern blades are even better and I shouldn't waste my time/money on these?


tl;dr; found some old blade irons, worth it to fix them up and get adjusted or just go modern?



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At the least you should just put some new grips on them.  Won't cost much, especially for a small set, and will make them feel like new.  If you're hitting them well there's no need to get them reshafted.

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I was only thinking a re-shafting was necessary as there is some rust beginning on a couple of them (the heads themselves look just fine however).

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