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Need Help Picking Drivers to Pick From

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   I have played golf forever, but I have not played much in the last two years due to kids.  My handicap is 10ish right now, but I usually settle down to a 2-5 depending on how much I play. I just bought some new Mizuno forged irons after playing some old Titliest irons for the last 14 years.  Now I have caved in the face on my 12 year old Ping driver.

   I now need a new or new to me driver.  I don't mind buying an older model as long as it isn't used. I did a launch monitor session the other day.  My swing speed was around 110, launch angle 13ish, spin rate around 2400, and I was carrying it anywhere from 275-285 with my normal swing.  In the past, I have had a higher swing speed and longer carry of around 290, but I am trying to dial it back for accuracy. 

   I am looking for a driver that hits is straight as possible.  One that helps keep me from snapping it would be a plus.  Also, I hit my clubs very high, so I wouldn't want a driver that get the ball too high.  At the same time, I still want to hit the ball fairly high to cut the tree lined doglegs I play here in Alabama.  I guess the best way to put it is I want to come close to maximizing distance, but I don't mind giving up 5 -8 yards to keep the ball on a high, but not ballooning ball flight.  My old driver was ballooning too highly, costing me distance and causing me difficulty in the wind.  I always just thought it was because I hit the ball high, not a fit issue.  Wrong.

    I want to pick the driver with the best feel and results.  I am going to hit drivers this weekend and get one.   I would like to spend 250-400.  I am going to hit the Ping I15, Ping G15, Calloway RazrHawk sp??, TaylorMade R9, Adams Speedline, and whatever else you all might suggest I give a try.  Thanks.  Nice to find this great forum.

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Ping G15!

I struggled at first, but now I'm used to it. My buddy has R9 driver, but he likes G15 better.


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My best suggestion is to take a trip to your local golf shop and see what clubs you can try. I tried out 6 drivers and hit each of them over half an hour. That was just me hitting on a launch monitor. I immediately found which drivers that didn't feel good. Shaft is of course a determining factor as well. There were pretty big differences in how the clubs felt when I swung them. Since each swing and body is and feels different, you should hit as many clubs as you can. You don't want to go through the fitting process with every club, but once you find the club you like the best, or a few different ones, you can start fitting it more detailed.

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Thanks.  Considering I have hit a Ping driver for 12 years, I am going to take a really close look at the G15.  I really liked the I15, but I have heard of a few face issue from friends and on the internet.  At first, I wanted to get something I could work, but I am now thinking that I would do better to just get the driver I hit the straightest.

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Zeph, this is the plan.  BTW, I purchased the MP-57's last year, and they are great.  Major improvement over my 14 year old Titliest irons I was hitting.  I will definitely keep an open mind and try out a bunch of drivers. 

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    Update: I went to the local fitter today to try out drivers.  I was amazed at how having a well fit driver eliminated my snap hook with the driver.  My old driver was bought with a proper fitting, and I will never do that again.  Out of the five drivers I hit the, the G15 with the Serrano staff was the winner.  I probably hit 50 balls, and I didn't snap but one ball where I was messing around trying to see how hard I could it.  Sure I pulled a few and lost a few a little right, but the guy commented how accurate of a ball striker I was with the driver.  I am a solid ball striker, but I have always had a snap hook or two on most rounds that would kill me.  I snapped two of drivers I tried similarly to my old driver with obviously the same swing.  I was also amazed at how much better the driver that fit me than the other drivers that weren't quite right.  Even though they were all quality drivers with stiff shafts.

   To anyone that just bought a driver without having it properly fitted, do yourself a favor and get it fitted.  There is more to it, but it is really easy once you get on a monitor to see what driver works for you.  I just got back from hitting range balls to verify the launch monitor findings, and they were dead on.  I was carrying it 280 ish with another 15-20 of roll, and I only snapped a few at the end due to fatigue.  Thanks.


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G15 is legit.  I played the G2 for years and years and just couldn't find anything to beat it, until the G15 was released.  Have recently switched to a 910 D3 simply for the adjustability, but the G15 is only a bad driving round away from the bag!  


Good work on the fitting, people who buy stock sticks off the shelf make me want to puke.

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    I played 9 with a friend and two strangers today.  The driver is unreal.  I hit it 5 times only missing it once.  The other 4 drives were perfect 5 yards draws.  One of the strangers kept telling me I was hitting it 330 yards.  The main reason he was saying that is because he said he hits it 300 yards, and I was 30 yards past him on each drive.  He was really upset when I told him I was on an extrememly expensive launch monitor this morning that was saying I only average 290 with 305ish  being my max.  He said the computer was wrong and that I was hitting it 330.  Little did he know that the course we were playing had a 303 yard par 4 that is flat with little a little cross wind blowing.  I was messing with him and said that if he was correct about the computer being wrong he would be right around the green.  He gave it his best cut at it and ended up about 25 yards short.  It was classic.   Again, I am amazed at how much straigher and longer I hit this well fitted G15. I am also amazed at how many golfers think they hit it 30 yards longer than they actually do.  Everyone should have to go see the truth on a launch monitor.

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