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Southern California golf league

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I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me start (if it hasn't been already) a little golf league out here in Southern CA.


We have a few connections for courses where we can hold a few skins games or a weekly league type play if anyone is interested post here and we will get the ball rolling.


All we need are 4 golfers to get this thing started and go from there.



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Good luck putting together a league.  I would do it - but I've already got a group of guys I play with on a regular basis (pretty much every Saturday and Sunday).


But I wanted to let you know... There is a league called the Southern California Industrial Swing Club (S.C.I.S.C).  It is a pretty cool league which is made up of ~ 8 teams.  The league plays a different course in Socal on the first Saturday of each and every month.  And the league travels to various courses.  The Each team has to field 8 players.  It is handicap based, and you will be seeded on your team 1 to 8 based on your handicap.  Each team faces off with another team, and the 1's play the 1's, 2's the 2's, etc. etc...   And each match is worth 10 points.  There is a skins game for NET and Gross.  The cool thing about it is that we have a Jamboree at the end of the year - which is a 2 day tournament.  This year we are having it April 28 and 29 in Temecula.  That is where big money trades hands on various bets and it's a lot of fun.


I may be able to get you into the league if you are interested.  Just send me a PM with your information...


Note, this is my first year, but the league has been going for over 50yrs!  I'm 34, and there is a kid as young as 18.... And older gentlemen as old as ~ 68 to 70.  We have scratch golfers all the way up to 20+ handicaps. So the skill levels vary... But being handicapped, all is good and fun.





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Check out www.pepsitour.com The SoCal division isn't the strongest, but there is a weekly game at Brookside in Pasadena. Most people show up for the open division. But there are a handful of guys who show up for the indexed division...

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Anyone have suggestions for leagues in Orange County?

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Hey man

I would be interested in joining some form of league. As long as it consists of guys out there to golf and not a bunch of loud and arrogant people. Tend to be paired up with those types when i go out as a single, so would be cool if could play with a group of solid guys on a weekly basis.


Let me know if you got any other information.




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Have you got some more information on that league you mentioned. Will check online but if you had other info for it that would be cool.

Definitely interested.


Thanks man.

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Did you guys end up joining any league?? I am also interested in joining one.

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