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I'm not sure if this is the correct section of the forum to post this.  Please direct me where to post it if it is in the wrong section.


Anyways I was looking around the internet and stumbled upon this website and their prices seemed too low to be true.  Has anyone ever used this site or heard of it?


I didn't want to get any knock-offs.  Especially as a present for someone else.


Thanks guys!



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Domain Services Provided By:
      domain.com, email.pgif?md5=4d9c94bedb7d6bd4f1c19c2faeb43dca&face=arial&size=9&color=000000&bgcolor=FFFFFF&face=arial&size=9&color=0000FF&bgcolor=FFFFFF&format[]=underline&format[]=transparent&format[]=transparent

   jeff shor
   3087 Grove Ln
   Salem, OR  97306

   Registrar: DOMAIN
      Created on: 08-FEB-12
      Expires on: 09-FEB-13
      Last Updated on: 19-MAR-12

   Administrative, Technical Contact:
      shor, jeff  email.pgif?md5=7be0d17eb5de992f30f6933308ba7f46&face=arial&size=9&color=000000&bgcolor=FFFFFF&face=arial&size=9&color=0000FF&bgcolor=FFFFFF&format[]=underline&format[]=transparent&format[]=transparent
      3087 Grove Ln
      Salem, OR  97306

   Domain servers in listed order:


Domain name was registered less than 2 months ago.


Personally I tend to steer clear of "new" businesses where possible until they have an established reputation and can be trusted.

Plus the normal stance to take is "if it looks too good to be true..."

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Good info.


Yeah I cant trust a website that looks too god to be true.


However it would be a nice place to get clubs if they were trustworthy.


Anyone with any good news on them?

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Have you done a basic google search?
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Good point.  I had done that.


Everything about it seemed a little fishy.  Hence the reason I posted the question on these forums instead of buying from an unknown website.


So far it seems like a good non-purchase

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Ya it can be tempting but like minibluedragon mentioned I tend to stay away from new businesses. Not worth the risk.
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I checked with Taylormade, and westoreshop is not a distributor of Taylormade clubs. Quoting Taylormade "if the price is too good to be true, it more than likely is not authentic"

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AP2s for $399.00?  What a bargain!

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an replying so i'm kept in the loop.


their irons set prices are great. too great?


and the website is spanking new. then again, everyone has to start sometime.


any further info?

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if this is true then that's that.



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Besides all the above, ANY website that wants my money, and has no contact info (name, physical street address, city, state, etc.) other than a Hotmail account...... BIG RED FLAG!


That, and the writing and grammar read like a classic Chinese scam web site:


Thanks very much for you be westoreshop.com exalted guest . our shop guarantees you will have a fantastic shopping journey on our shop!

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Yeah I mean the prices are definitely too low to be legally advertised.  So either this guy is going to get in trouble with the big companies, or he's selling Chinese knock-Offs.  Some of the knock offs are nearly indistinguishable these days.


I don't trust it.

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As someone who has been a golf sales rep for domestic and foreign brands I can tell you that the clubs have to be knock-offs or counterfeit. The prices are even below the prices that one could get with an employee purchase when being a sales associate at a major golf retailer like golf galaxy or dicks. The prices are even below what the companies sell their closeouts for to a retailer like dicks or golf galaxy. Markups range anywhere from 30-50% on golf clubs, and then employees typically get another 10-20% off of those prices when they fill out the appropriate employee purchase paperwork and buy directly from the company. the companies have strict policies against the sales associates then taking the merchandise and selling it to a consumer, if caught that employee can no longer employee purchase and sometimes it is mandated that the retailer terminate the employment of that individual.


Now, many golf companies have their clubs manufactured overseas. Most of the clubs are made there as is every components of the club (shaft, head, grip). Some companies advertise assembled in the usa, but only a small amount of their product offering is actually assembled in the USA. Most of the merchandise is entirely made and assembled in the area of which the clubs are manufactured. The companies are hired to make x amount of each model. As always, there are going to be some flaws, but the company will not buy the flawed merchandise and the manufacturer has no need for the flawed merchandise. Often the manufacturer will sell the flawed merchandise to a trade company or even consumer direct. So in the best case scenario, while still rare, anyone who bought these would be getting factory seconds.

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I found your thread because this same guy now has a site for extremely low-priced, high-end watched like Rolexes... The address for the guy who started the site is not real. The online watch company is called Marcaorologi.com and the grammar sounds like they are not American. Obviously they are a new version of your phony golf club scam from a couple of years ago. Like Ben Franklin once said: "A fool and his money are soon parted."

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