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getting started with some beginner clubs

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I was looking into the great sport of golf and would like to get some opinions from some people who probably know a lot more than I do about it.


Recently I have been researching online, through here and other sources. I have been looking through craigslist as often you can find deals where people do not know what they have, etc.


I came across what appeared at first to be a solid set of beginner clubs for $120. After looking into it more, I became a bit more wary.


The seller was offering a set of irons made by WIlson. They are Goose Neck Staff irons, and he is including 3-4, 6-9 and SW. I looked these up and apparently they are somewhere mid 1990s and cost about $500 for a new set. Further he's selling along with it a Taylormade titanium driver (9.5) and a Wilson 5W that I cannot tell what it is from the markings - I think it is a Wilson Ultra 5W.  There's also a Tour Edge Bazooka 270cc driver included and a Northwestern putter.


What do you feel is a fair value for these clubs? They are in good condition and looked to be played a bit - looks as if normal wear and tear from playing.


I'm still looking into it and I'm seeing that these irons generally go for about $10 each on a preowned clubs site. I was made aware that the NW putter is probably the most entry-level you could get, and looking up the 5W seems I could get that for maybe $20. The Taylormade and the TourEdge look to be going for maybe $25 and $40 tops each... With these numbers it seems they're worth about $150 and he's asking $120.


I don't want to get into this sport with a bad experience buying junk. If I could just spend another 25 bucks and get a brand new beginner set, I might do that. But if this is actually a good deal I may take it or try to talk them down some.


Thank you and I apologize if this is the wrong place for this type of question.

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You'd be better off borrowing some clubs if you can and getting a feel for the game first.  You might find you hate it or you could really enjoy it and make a larger investment in clubs if you have the means. 


I believe you could find a better deal than going with clubs that are this old.  A good used set of irons runs about $200, you can find some older Callaway X-16, X-18's or even Big Bertha's around that price or lower.  As for driver and woods, you can hold off a bit until you get your swing grooved and have a better idea of what flex shaft you'll need.  There are plenty of inexpensive putters that are likely better than what the seller is offering for about the same price as you indicated.  Take a look at the used clubs offered by Callaway Preowned, TaylorMade Preowned, Global Golf and 3Balls to get a better idea of used club pricing. 


My advice is go with a decent set of used irons that offer some more current technology and forgiveness and a putter.  Once you're you're swinging them well you can invest in woods. 

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Here is a link to the clubs I have. Its a craigslist ad I made. Let me know if you are interested, pretty good clubs. http://baltimore.craigslist.org/wan/3168967090.html

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$130  and from a reputable source:




I would shy away from craigslist.     If you look at their "Clearance" section on that site,  you might find something else too,  like:






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