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My Swing (werbemaxe)

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Hi all,


I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 28

My typical ball flight is: 60% straight, 30% push, 10% slice

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: topped shots, chicken wing


I know my swing has several faults: I have a slight chicken wing, pulling the left arm up (and also the shoulders), which is probably caused mentally, because I had a shoulder injury and I guess I am afraid of touching the ground to fat.

I have several topped balls, I guess due to the pulled up left arm.

I move a lot to the right, because people told me I am not changing the weight and now I am chaning it too much. :-(















p.s.: seems not to work to embed the videos... here are the links:

iron 7: http://youtu.be/EO-qQwDDLrQ

driver: http://youtu.be/qZ3zZs2vW0I

iron 7 down the line: http://youtu.be/9KWtE7PtKWs

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Work on your flexibility.  Flexibility is the key to a good golf swing.  You can also get major power by just doing some flexibility exercises.

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Originally Posted by TMBridgestone View Post

Work on your flexibility.  Flexibility is the key to a good golf swing.  You can also get major power by just doing some flexibility exercises.


ok, thanks. But which major faults do you see? How can I learn NOT to pull up my left arm to avoid topping the ball?


I thought that I am quite flexible, because my shoulders turn more than 90° and the hips 45°.


thanks, marc

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Or you can even get in front of a mirror and put a piece of tape on your head.  Make swings keeping it steady, again take note of what feels/images are allowing your head to stay on the tape.

For you it may feel like the hips go forward, towards the target, on the backswing so they don't shift back so far.

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Thanks Mike, great!


Actually, I have been swinging with a lot less sideway movement!!! Until someone in another forum told me that I am not shifting my weight and I started to sway.


See this swing which was half a year ago. Ok, I am going up and down, but less sideway movement:



So, I guess I can get back there, turning more around my spine and not sideway. I think I can fix this...


Actually, I have compared my swing to Adam Scott's swing with the iSwing app and I don't see THAT many differences. Ok, I am moving sideway, I have a chicken wing and I am not turning enough my right arm over the left arm in the follow through, but the rest (is there any???) is similar. ;-)


So, I will now try to fix the sideway movement and then upload a new video in 1-2 months and then let's talk again.


Thanks for your help!


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elbows tucked in should be the first thing you need to work on. stay conneted and in control

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So guys, I went to the driving range today and pratice a bit. Here is my new swing:


I think I am moving less to the right, turning more around my spine. I still move a bit forward in the downswing (is this bad?). I also hold the club straighter, not too much lean forward. I also think I have a bit less chicken wing. Ok, STILL a lot of work. The right hand is not rolling over enough in the follow through, the left arm still bends a bit and the knees are still a bit too straight..


Is the flexability better? The elbow is still not tucked in, ok. But hey.. I just started to change my swing ... with the first 50 balls.. ;-)


But I understood what you were pointing out here and it's really a great help!!


This swing was with a 7 iron and around 140 meters and straight and high. I made about 20 shots all the same. Then... I guess I was too tired, I ended up with push shots again. But still.. I am happy that your help works!


Thanks again!



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Hi there,

I've been a bit at the range and tried some things.

Here's a new video. I think I sway less and my release is a bit better.

thanks, marc
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