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Putting feel

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when you are putting well what do you feel? Like do you feel everything moving as one piece or? I am not putting well but my stroke is good. just bad timing. any feelings you can share?

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I don't know there's any one answer to this question.


Certainly I would think you feel a stroke that's even tempo'd.  You'd also feel like you were hitting the ball in the sweet-spot.  Beyond that, it's likely all individual.

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I don't feel much when I have a good day.  I just become very focused on target.  If I feel something, like an off center hit, then I am off.  I then concentrate on set up and refocus on target.

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For me, its all about tempo.  When my putting is on, my stroke feels like a pendulum on a grandfather clock, which is the result of me swinging the putter smoothing and naturally.

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